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Book? Death Note???????????????

what is the book death note about? dont give anything away, just tell me a slight bit of what its about

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    Death note is a manga.

    It's about a smart boy named Light Yagami who finds the Death Note.

    Any name written on the Death Note will die, so upon finding this out, Light takes it upon himself to get rid of all the criminals and become the God of a new world. L, a super detective, is determined on finding out who is doing the killings and bring justice. Then, its a cat and mouse game between Light and L.

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    Death note is a manga... you can read them at

    It is about a teenager in highschool who finds a book titled "Death Book" he takes it home, reads it then he starts killing people with it by writting there name, and seeing there face. he teams up with the police, and L, to try and find (his nick name) Kira, the killer, but what the police don't know is that Light is Kira. I won't spoil it to much, you just half to read/ watch them!

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