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Any thoughts on a West Side Story cast if ever remade?

I've asked this a few times, but I havent gotten any real answers yet, Im not saying it will be remade and it probablly shouldnt, but it has been a while and it could happen, who would you want to see in the cast. I was thinking maybe Wilson Jermaine Hederia(from Rent, he maybe a little old though) as Bernardo, Max Crumm(played Danny in broadway's Grease, not a greta actor but he could sing the jet song) as Riff, Matt Dillon(just watch any movie hes in, he would know how to lay down the law) as Schrank, just tell me who would you want in the cast

Also please do not say Zac Efron as any Jet, he maybe be every teenage girls' dream guy but, hes not as talented as he thinks he is, and theres deff. more talent than him, besides this is a very serious show with extremely good dancing, do you think anyone would take this great show seriously with Zac Efron?

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  • 1 decade ago
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    The problem with casting this play today is there aren't many triple threats out there. (Sing, dance, act) But, I'll give it a shot. The one caveat: I'm picking actors in their prime, not necessarily how they look today.

    Jenna Dewan ... Maria

    Brendan Fraser ... Tony

    Sean Astin ... Riff

    Gina Gershon ... Anita

    Mark Consuelos ... Bernardo

    Kevin Spacey ... Lieutenant Schrank

    Enrico Colantoni ... Doc

    Patrick Warburton... Officer Krupke

    Chad Michael Murray ... Ice

    James Lafferty ... Action

    Jason Dohring ... A-rab

    Topher Grace ... Baby John

    ... Snowboy

    ... Tiger

    ... Joyboy

    ... Big Deal

    ... Mouthpiece

    ... Gee-Tar

    Tina Majorino ... Anybodys

    Sophia Bush ... Graziella

    Brittany Snow... Velma

    Francis Capra ... Chino

    Lou Diamond Phillips... Pepe

    Esai Morales ... Indio

    ... Juano

    ... Loco

    ... Rocco

    ... Luis

    ... Toro

    ... Del Campo

    ... Chile

    Jennifer Lopez ... Consuelo

    Mila Kunis ... Rosalia

    Jessica Alba ... Francisca

    How's that?

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  • 3 years ago

    hmmm....i individually like the unique broadway solid the final, and that i've got purely have been given a topic w/ Tony Danza. He does not seem grandfatherly adequate, and because checklist does not particularly sing, you're able to easily usher in an previous grandfatherly style (perhaps richard attenborough??) to play checklist (w/ a christopher walken dub of direction, an englishman interior the direction of the west facet could be outta place :D) you probably did a great activity w/ Chino btw, this is a huge selection :)

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