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Need help with dell computer.?

My computer caught a virus. It said applicationxp. on the virus. it said it was in the internet explorer so we deleted the explorer program.It's not showing traces of the virus but it's still very slow. I also tried to do a system restore for a previous date and it told me it was unable to restore the computer. I don't have the finances to buy another computer nor pay to have one serviced. Is there anything else i can do to restore my computer?


i have AVG installed already and the virus made it through

Update 2:

the only F buttons that work on my pc are F2, F5, F12

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  • 1 decade ago
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    Dell should have sent you a "reintall disk" with your computer.

    If they did not. . .I think that all dells have a partition that is built into them. . .that holds ALL the information that came on your computer when you bought it.

    If you do what I am about to recommend. . .it will take your computer back to the way it was the day you first turned it on . . .So make sure you save any movies, music, or photos you want to have . . .It is kind of a pain in the butt to do. . .but your computer will run SO MUCH faster after you have done this. . .IT WILL RUN LIKE IT SHOULD!!!

    O.K. . .So here goes. . .

    Turn your computer off...

    Then turn it back on. ..

    as soon as you see the "DELL' logo screen. .. hold down CRTL and F11 at the same time. . .This will take you to the "master boot record". . .don;t let the name scare you. . .it is just a fanct term that means. . .'THE WAY YOUR COMPUTER WAS ORIGINALLY" hahaha

    I have not had a DELL for quite a long time (I have built my own computers for the last 3-4 years. . .but back in 2005 I had a Dell XPS 400. . .and this was how it was set up. . .I doubt if they have changed anything. . .If they have . . .doing this will not hurt your computer. . .It just will not do anything . . .and it will start like it normally does. . .(or doesnt)

    Once you have done the above CRTL + F11.. .just follow the steps. . If I remember right, it gives you a couple options.. .one is a complete "reformat" - which will wipe out everything excpet windows. . .and there might alos be an option to "Repair windows operating system" you can try the latter first and see if that fixes your problem.

    In the future.. . you can avoid virues by getting some sort of spyware cleaner ( Try spybot SD - it is free and works good) and an antivirus program (try AVG Free antivirus. . .This is good because it does not always run in the background so it doesnt suck up your resources of your computer. . .

    you can get this here:

    I hope some of this helps. . .I know it can be a little bit overwhleming. . .but there is nothing WORSE than a computer that is not performing to its potential. . .so. .try to fix it. .it cant get much worse I guess.???

  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    if i was you i would d.load all the following,update them and run scan and delete all


    spybot search and destroy

    spyware blaster

    advanced windows care V2 personal

    also d.load Firefox 3 and give that a go,should be fast.

    you can always uninstall it if ure not happy with it.

    Also the thing is if ure pc does or did have a virus then im afriad that if u did,have got rid of it,doing a system restore will put it back,depending on what date u restore and what date u got it.

    if ure sure that your pc wont let u restore itself then i would untick the system restore and apply,this will delete ALL the s.restore points ure pc has aquired,and then re-tick it again and apply to start it agian and manually create a R.point.

    also do a re-scan.

  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    I would suggest then that you back-up on dvds all the datas you don't want to lose and then reformat your computer. It will clean up the entire hard drive and you'll have to put back Windows and etc. But at least there won't be any virus ^_^.

    After that you'll be able to put back your old stuff on it. Just be careful this time around.

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