Is “Nobody likes a funeral,” becoming the theme for the GOP convention?

While excitement is building for a Democratic Party convention capped by Barack Obama’s historic acceptance speech before a sold-out, 75,000-seat football stadium, the GOP convention the following week is shaping up to be a considerably more staid affair, marked by the conspicuous absence of many of the usual convention attendees.

Of the 12 Republicans running in competitive Senate races — five of whom are incumbents — only three have said they will be attending the convention. Six are definite no-shows, and three are on the fence.

“Nobody likes a funeral,” said a Senate Republican press secretary who spoke on the condition of anonymity, citing “the overall climate of general malaise about the party” as the reason for hesitance on the part of Republicans.

On the House side, according to a report in The Hill, during a July 31 conference call National Republican Campaign Committee Chairman Tom Cole of Oklahoma discouraged congressional hopefuls from attending, saying that doing so would potentially be a “waste of time.”


At least a handful of Republican incumbents, ranging from vulnerable incumbents such as Jon C. Porter and Dean Heller, both of Nevada, to safe veteran members such as Jim Sensenbrenner Jr. of Wisconsin and Sue Myrick of North Carolina, have also decided to stay home this year.

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    Don't they know the regular folks watching at home need the boost to THEIR morale? This is their last stand to appear strong and optimistic and to showcase their candidate as a winner.

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    4 years ago

    because they pick to lie. The EPA ruling did not kill the Coal marketplace. It deserved to die all by using itself. The develop in organic gas extracted by using hydraulic fracturing is already slicing into coal’s primacy, pushing coal era to lower than 40 p.c. of ability produced on the end of 2011, the bottom factor for the reason that 1978. The EPA rule “captures the end of an era,” Michael Brune, the govtdirector of the Sierra club, suggested in an interview. “The marketplace has been transferring in this direction seriously contained in the bright few years.” Employment dropped for the first 2 years of the Obama Presidency and has growing to be steadly for the bright 2. The deficit has grown because the Republicans have refused to end the tax breaks on the wealthy and handed a medicare Drug advantages with out identifying to purchase it durring a time of conflict.

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    Nancy the queen bee better get those Democrats out of recess and back on the hill lickety split, Republicans and 12 Democrats are talking about an energy answer, and the American people overwhelmingly want drilling NOW, if she sticks to tire gauges, its their funeral.

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    If they aren't delegates they should not be at the convention in the first place. It would be a waste of time

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    could be but then nothing beats the one making the rounds on youtube of the theme of Obama the platters "great pretender"

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