what affiliate products can I give from my website?

I am a software engineer, and I am in top level in a few computer languages(SQR,Brio,Java Script,etc) and has developed a few unique methods. Also I am very good in mathematics(10 papers published). I am making a website, but not sure what service can I give to people? What kind of service people like most? Please experts give me valuable advices?thanks!




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  • 1 decade ago
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    There is a program that I know of that has a long list of companies and their affiliate programs that will essentially give you commissions if someone purchases through your site.

    The program has all the setup instructions and also second tier commissions which gives you the ability to make commissions from other people who have similar websites.

    The program is geared toward network marketers but the information in the program could be used by anyone who wants to advertise online or who wants to learn about affiliate marketing.

    Check it out.


  • 1 decade ago

    Do not sell "affiliate" services. You have no control over them and , if buyers are dissatisfied, your website will be ruined. Sell whatever you have a passion for. Only you know what that is. /

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