Can anyone recommend a pediatrician in the Lehigh Valley, Pennsylvania area?

Can anyone recommend a good pediatrician in the Lehigh Valley, PA area? Particularly, Bethlehem/Nazareth/Easton. I'm not very pleased with our current pediatrician. I constantly feel as if we get the "textbook" answers. I so often walk out of there feeling that I didn't get the information that I was looking for and find myself constantly searching for "real answers from moms" on the internet because our concerns or questions are being dismissed, etc. Any recommendations would be welcome! Thanks!

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    Try Lehigh Valley Peds; they have offices in Allentown and Bethlehem.

    I particularly like Dr. Totlani- very open minded, discusses everything in detail, answers any Q with a thought out answer. They will do a consult and meet with you before scheduling a patient appointment.

    They helped me continue BFing after my son had severe jaundice and had to have formula every hour for ten days; many Dr.s wouldn't have bothered at that point- he balanced an emergent situation (bilirubin was 29 and neurologically threatening, caused some hearing loss) with long term care (benefits of BFing) and spent a whole Saturday morning helping me out - finding a hospital grade pump that could be delivered on a weekend,, looking up resources, etc.

    Avoid CHC like the plague. Too busy to answer Q's, and it's all text book, half the time read to you by a 'phone counselor' before you can get an appointment. They reminded me of a welfare clinic or something- odd since they are in a rather expensive area!

    LVP-610-434-2162 Allentown office)

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