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Ok Twilight fans before they got the cast for twilight who did u see them as?

i likewho they got for them now except for laurett and Rosalie thats the only people i have a problem with but this is who i saw them as when i first started reading twilight

Bella-Danielle Panabaker

Edward-Henry Caval

Jacob-Steven Staright for new moon not twilight

Alice-Rachel Leigh Cook

Rosalie-Jullie Gonzalo

Jasper-Jackson Rathrobe

Emmet the guy from x-men collases

sorry i know i spelt thing wrong oh well

so who did u see them as

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    bella - danielle panabaker - COMPLETELY agree!!! that's who i saw from the beginning and still do! she's so delicate looking!!! so perfect for the role!!

    edward - henry cavill - yes YUM, but the more i think about the description, the more i think the way they made robert pattinson look, i think robert looks more like what edward would look like. they're both hot i just always pictured henry. HOTNESS

    jacob - steven strait - yes helllooooo jacob....he would possibly sway me to team jacob and yes definitely new moon

    alice - for some reason the girl in the 'face down' - red jumpsuit apparatus video is who i pictured alice looking like only shorter, i do like who they picked for her

    rosalie - oooOOOOooo never thought of that but YA she would be a good rosalie, but i also think who stephenie meyer pictured was good too - joana krupa

    jasper - calum best with his long hair

    emmett - i think daniel cudmore would be a good emmett too lol

    charlie - randy quaid

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    Ok, so the guy that was colossus would make a good Emmett, but I think the guy playing Jasper would be a better Edward than the guy you picked.

    But, aside from all of this, IT IS A HORRIBLE IDEA!!! Ugh! I will not be watching the movie. She's only doing it for the money, and I think that all the people they chose for the characters completely do NOT fit, which is why the movie shouldn't be made in the first place! (ruining a perfectly good book)

    Thank you, and have a nice day :)

  • I didnt have names for the people i saw but, I kida see Danielle as Bella but i like Kristen, i didnt see Henry as Edward, i did see Steven as New Moon Jacob, didnt see Rachel as ALice, Julie is kinda a Rose, Jackson is definatly a Jasper, IDK about who u takin bout for Emmett but Kellan is a good Emmett so ya....i still like the current actors. Except maybe Alices hair and body could be shorter, but its all good!

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    i didnt, to be honest i was really p1ssed when i found out they were making it into a film. But now ive come round, and i only ever saw the now actors as the characters.

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    payjasim r is funny hahaha.. =]

    I'll Answer this tomorrow because i have to get off the comp now! Sorry

    EDIT: Back to answer.. Oh'no! look at thumbs down i got..

    Bella-Anne Hathaway:

    Edward-Tom Sturridge

    Jacob-Steven Staright Or Taylor Lautner... Both very sexay and should play him!

    Alice-Rachel Leigh Cook , I Agree with you she would be a great alice! =D

    Rosalie-rachel mcadams (She's very Beautiful)

    Jasper-Trent Ford

    Emmet: Kellan Lutz (His really playing emmett!) i like him

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    This has been asked. This has been answered. 137 times. Look it up.

    And, incidentally, it does not belong here. Go annoy the people in Movies, or perhaps Celebrities, where this belongs.

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    im am so not jealous of them their so spoilled its an act their are one of the worst bands ever jonas BROS SUCK

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    team edward!!!!!!<3

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