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Spybot search and destroy error ?

i just downloaded the spybot 1.60 version and i installed it and i opened it up and clicked "check for problems" with the magnifying glass next to it . When i click it an error message pops up saying "You need to install the detection updates first by using the integrated update or the manual adapter." what is this and how do i do it ?

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    click search for updates

    choose from list of update sites.if one doesn't work,try another. U.S. should use 2nd choice [ see flag ]

    click download updates

    click exit

    click immunize on left row

    click immunize on top of page

    click search for problems

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    Pretty sure that just means you need to check for updates first then run a scan. There is a button to check for updates in SB S&D

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    Just go to update and that will download and install the latest security definitions (what files to look for). Then just run the cleaner again.

    Hope that helps.

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    download the updates, immunize and then check all and recheck

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