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How do I slow down my heart beat and stop the pains in my chest?

My heat is pretty weak, too much exertion and it starts pumping really fast and it can often make my chest tight and sometimes gives me pain.

is there any natural way to slow my heart down quickly and stop the tightness and pain?

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    Sounds like you have a form of angina, probably angina pectoris that would explain the heart issues and the pain. It is a lack of blood to heart muscle which causes pain in the chest. Usually a form of vasodilator is prescribed. If the pain ever lasts more then 10 minutes go see a doctor right away. Wikipedia actually has a pretty good write up about it.

    As for slowing down the heart it is sensitive to mood and tension, if you can get yourself to calm down it should slow down as well. A more permanent solution is to induce Bradycardia, low bpm of the heart. The more one exercises the stronger the heart gets the less it has to pump, I am on my university's track team and have a heart rate of about 53 bpm. If your heart is too weak for exercise don't do it of course. Really you should go see a doc, he could tell you what you can do and probably give you a prescription for the chest pain.

    Yahoo answers isn't the greatest place for sound medical advice.

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    If you haven't done so already, see your doctor to get an EKG and a test to see if any of the coronary arteries leading to your heart are blocked.

    ASSUMING they're not blocked, start getting some light exercise — 30 minutes a walking each day, and *gradually* increase the speed and intensity of your walking until you establish some cardiovascular strength.

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    stopping the pain is harder than preventing the pain. you need to get regular light exercise. try walking 30 minutes a day. eat better and reduce the amount of salt in your diet. it will take some time but it will get better. and see a doctor they will help you even more than a stupid chat forum.

  • just think about your heart slowing down and calming very deeply. that's what works for me

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    Try laying down and breathe deeply and slowly.

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    try to take it easy, not exert to much, if you feel it again try to relax and rest for awhile.

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