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for koreans: korean ages

i'm just curious about the korean age thing. when i look at the ages of my korean friends, they are born in the same year as i am but are actually 1 or 2 years old older than me. they tried explaining it to me once but i still don't really get it. can someone please help? i'm really perplexed...thanks.

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    Koreans count that you are one year old when you're born. (They count the months that you're in the womb as a year.)

    Then traditionally, Koreans believe that everyone turns another year older when it's New Year's Day, even when it is not ur actual birthday. So a kid born on November 30 can be considered 2 years old when he is in fact only around 2 months old. (1 year when he is born + 1 year when it is New Year's which is around Jan.20 something for Koreans.)

    So when you were born, you started at 0 but your friends started at 1. And those who were born towards the end of the year got an extra push because they born so close to New Year's.

    Source(s): Yeah, my mom had to explain this to me years ago. :P
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    As helen stated, koreans start off 1 year old. Im korean but born in the states. So if Im 25 here, I would be 26 in korea.

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    As Helen said, when you first come out of the womb, you're a 1 year old, when in america, you're 1 day old.And, on new years day, it's more around January 13th, you turn a year older traditionally, but it's like a joke and everyone just forgets about it. So, here(America) i'm 13, but in korea i'm really 14.

    hope it helped

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    i am part korean, and i go by the korean age thing

    we have this tradition, [ i went through it ] call the 100th day birthday. and that is your FIRST year. on your 100th day, you wear the traditional dress, and you have a big party, you get hold rings, too. i don't know where mines are, but my mom said she's going to melt them & turn it into a braclet, hahaha.

    that's all it is, 100th day is special for the koreans. but, under the reguler system by years, i would be 17. but since i'm part korean, and they have the 100th day bday, i'm 18!

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    i don't get it either and im from korea !

    it gets confusing when someone from korea comes to america and starts school..cuz they have to be in a grade lower than they really supposed to be in but they didn't get left back.

    like i know these 2 guys who are the same age. (18) and are supposed to start College this year.

    but one came from Korea late so he's in 12th grade this year while the other is starting College......

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