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what kind of SUV gets the best mileage?

Looking for a price as a 1st priority, comfort, reliability then MPG.

I want something inexpensive, comfy yet ecomical. What is the best deal in an SUV on the market. Should I get a hybrid SUV when they are so much more expensive? This vehicle will be used as a weekend, and mostly road trip vehicle. I have a car for daily use.

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    We considered small SUVs (utilities and crossovers--those vehicles built on car-based platforms) that were the best performers in some of our firm's Initial Quality, Dependaqbility and APEAL studies to come up with a few top choices for you. Some achieve mileage estimates of at least 20 mpg in city driving and closer to 27 mpg on the highway. These compact vehicles also are fuel efficient. Best choices that alos offer value include the Honda CR-V, Honda Element, Hyundai Tucson (sticker starts at $17,235), Mazda CX-7, Nissan Xterra, Toyota FJ Crusier and RAV4. Most of these new models have list prices in the $19,000 to $28,000 range.

    In terms of initial quality, the highest ranked compact multi-acitivity vehicles this year are the Honda CR-V, Chrysler PT Cruiser and Ford Escape.

    In our firm's Vehicle Dependability Study, which evaluates owners' problems with 3-year-old vehicles (2005 models), the highest ranking models this year are some of the same choices--the Honda Element, Toyota RAV4 and the Honda CR-V.

    The 3 models in this segment that delighted their owners the most and appealed in terms of styling, design, performance are the Toyota FJ Cruiser, Mazda CX-7 and the new Nissan Rogue.

    If you are interested in hybrid utility or multi-activity vehicles, our list features the Ford Escape Hybrid or the Mercury Mariner Hybrid, which achieve fuel economy of 34 mpg in the city and 30 mpg on the higheway, according to the EPA estimates.

    For more information, reviews, articles, photos, videos, photos and quality ratings, please visit

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    I strongly recommend you stick with the car. That said:

    One of the sport-cutes is going to be your best bet for good mileage. All other factors being equal, a car will always deliver better fuel mileage, but the SUV, even the little one, will deliver a comfortable, heads-up seating position and maybe provide a better view of the scenery.

    For decent mileage, don't go any bigger than a Honda CR-V, a Toyota RAV4, or something of a similar size. Those are both reliable models. Do NOT adhere to Honda's 105,000-mile timing belt change interval - change it at 60,000 miles, no later. You also can get a very nice, carlike ride in a Subie Forester, but the mileage is no improvement. For the best mileage, get the Ford Escape or Mercury Mariner Hybrid model - they do well on the highway. And for any of them, get only the four-cylinder model. They give power enough for highway cruising with hurting you too badly at the pump.

    And buy used. Let somebody else take the big hit at the dealer. You can find a nice ride that's just a few years old - heck, it may even still smell new.

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    My vote goes to the PT Cruiser. I rented the Touring Edition version for a week and loved it (my poor Corolla was in the body shop after getting rear ended). Nice smooth riding vehicle that averaged out at about 24mpg in the city. Pretty good considering it's an automatic with a 2.4L 4 cylinder engine in a vehicle just a tad over 3,000 pounds. The PT also converts into a cargo van when you pop out the rear seat.

    If you get the PT make sure you get the "cargo shelf" (don't remember the actual term for it). The shelf doubles your trunk space which is very handy when grocery shopping because you can put heavy items on the bottom and more fragile items like bread and eggs on the shelf. Need to haul something large, like say...a dishwasher? Pop out the rear seat and your good to go.

    As of the 2009 model year it is rumored that it will receive the Caliber's underpinnings. Not sure what that means right now but it could mean that the PT will have a CVT automatic in the future, but I certainly hope not. So far CVT trannys haven't proven themselves to be all that reliable.

    If I was in the market for a new car the PT would be my first choice.

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    Well, there is one car that's part compact car and part sports wagon. It's the Toyota Matrix. It's about $16,200 and runs an average of 29 mpg. It's not a hybrid, electric or the like. It's just a small car that runs of normal gas.

    If you think the Toyota Matrix's appearance sucks, then try the Ford Escape Hybrid that runs an average of 32mpg but has a price around $26,300. Better mileage, better looks, just a higher price.

    Other cars would be the Mazda Tribute Hybrid which has an average mileage of 32mpg and costs about $25,500. Another Mercury Mariner Hybrid which has an average mileage of 32mpg and costs about $27,000 and a stop-start car, Saturn Vue Green Line which has an average mileage of 27mpg and costs about $24,200.

    Other economical cars would cost more than $30,000 but has less than the cars' above mileage.

    Hope that helped.

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    ninety six Tahoe. 12 city and 17 hwy... regardless of the incontrovertible fact that it does have 200k miles on it and it desires O2 sensors that have a large result on mileage. So it in all probability has the capacity do do somewhat extra useful in that is protection. additionally... in simple terms crossed my strategies, my mothers and dads have a ninety 5 explorer with the V6. That seems to get closer to fourteen city and 18 hwy in accordance to what my dad has informed me. that still has extreme miles... around 190K. wish it enables!! Later, Matt

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    I've heard Honda Passports and Elements do pretty well. But I think I'll stick with my Toyota Prius.

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    stick to a car...SUVs are an old dinasour...a blast from the past, a joke

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