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    1. I'm growing fatter recently, this clothe can no longer fit me. The buttons didn't stay the last time I went out, it was so embarrassing.

    2. The baby has bad appetite, drinks only half of his/ her feeding bottle, throws up his/her milk, keeps on rolling around while sleeping, and scratching his/her face that it becomes blurred, looking unnice.

    3. I have no idea why he/she came in this store, other then the other.

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    I gained some weight recently, that is why i can't get to fit into this shirt.

    The button from the shirt came off the last time i wore it and it was so embarrassing.

    The baby is having bad appetite nowadays which made him/her to finish only half of the milk. Besides, she/he sometimes had some throw ups after drinking the milk. While sleeping, he/she was rolling around the bed and kept getting his/her face scratched. The wounds on his/her face made the baby don't look so nice.

    I am not so sure why did he walked into this shop instead of the other shop.

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    1.I became fat recently, so this clothes have been too tight wear.Wear to go out last time, the result button stretched tight to open, is really shameful

    2.Baby the recent appetite isn't so good and the milk bottles all only drink a half.And still often vomit milk.Have been turning over around while sleeping, have been using to grasp again

    Face.The faces are all grasped spend flower ground, very ugly

    3.I don't know he why walks into this store, not another.

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