what kind of spider is this? (pictures)

i was diagnosed with the superbug MRSA...the doctor said he was pretty sure thats what it was, and theres a small possibility i might be a brown recluse bite......the night i got "bit" or whatever i was at my boyfriends house...who lives up in the mountains. he just sent me these pictures of a spider he found in his room. does this look like a brown recluse? or just a mountain spider?




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    i think its a house spider.

    u can see in here-http://images.google.com/imgres?imgurl=http://www....

    hope this helps.Tegenaria domestica is the name of the spider i think because the pic u gave is not clear

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    do you have a bite site that is open and draining and just wont heal? Feels like an acid burn or cigarette burn...for months? Leaves a crater where the flesh got eaten away? Then it's a recluse bite. Cant tell scale real well but that spider looks a bit big to be a recluse. A good way to tell is to try to swat it from in front where it can see you. If it jumps out of the way, it's a recluse. Since the recluse has no known predators and no sprays work on it the size 10 and a hard rolled up newspaper are best fixes. Spider traps work some, but then you're stuck with a live, irate spider to dispose of. No matter what...kill it and all its friends. They dont eat enough bugs to make a diference and they can kill anaphylactics.

    Are you allergic to bees? then any spider bite might do it for you. Get this checked at an allergist.

    Source(s): lived through two recluse bites. Neither of them any fun at all.
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    lol ok 1. stumble ro wutever ur name is who wud leave ur bite there for months? and uhm that looks like a brown recluse because of its long clearish legs and brown thorax and head. but the picture is bad quality.

    tell me if it has a violin or guitar shape near its head. if it does, then yes it a brown recluse and its extreamly poisonous. but whatever it is,

    quote from my sister, "eww i hate spiders! kill it!" i wud kill it cus spiders suck

    Source(s): me and my brain
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