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Do you think that the IOC should disqualify China for having gymnasts that are younger than 16?

I absolutely do. If you watch gymnastics, there are girls on the Chinese team that are definitely not 16. There are probably 12 or 13. The reason they can compete is because on their passports it says that they are 16. But other records show that they are younger than 16, according to the NBC commentators (if that's how you say it).

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    Both Yang and Jiang — and their teammate He Kexin — have been at the center of age falsification questions leading up to this Olympics. Some Chinese sports registration lists have shown that those gymnasts may not be old enough to compete at the Games. I do feel IOC did not look into this situation as thoroughly as they should have. Perhaps they did not want to offend the hosting nation. This may be something they will have to set better rules on in the future as far as what can be used as proof of age. Some say they should eliminate the age limit to allow all countries to compete on the same level. I feel this would be detrrimental to the sport and athletes.

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    omgosh they are totally not 16. 2 of them are 4'6 and 4'7 and weigh 68 and 70. i know someone who is short for 12-years-old and is 4'8 and weighs 8 pounds more, right, 16? the 12-year-old i know should start driving

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