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will joe girardi or brian cashman be fired at seasons end if the yankees don't make the playoffs

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  • BC
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    1 decade ago
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    I dont think that Girardi will be fired but Cashman's contract expires and he may not come back! The only thing is that they expressed interest in re-signing him. I dont blame either of them, personally.

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    Girardi: No. He just came on board and George Steinbrenner isn't in control of the team anymore and the itchy trigger finger is no longer there. It would be a bad PR move to hire a new manager now, especially after the way Joe Torre was put out last year.

    Cashman: There's a chance because he gambled to get Nady, Marte and Pudge Rodriguez and so far they aren't as close to a playoff spot as they should be. He would be the guy to go since someone's going to have to answer for it. Thing is, Cashman is a lot better of a GM than most people give him credit for because he's the Yankees' GM. He's the biggest name that could go outside of Girardi.

    The Yankees may not say this publicly, but most media outlets heard from insiders this was not a championship chase team to start the year. I didn't pick them to win it, though I did say they'd make the playoffs. I think it's hard to blame Cashman. He didn't know that Posada, Wang, Kennedy, Hughes, and Chamberlain would all get hurt and miss significant time.

  • 3 years ago

    nicely, i'm a Mets fan, and get a kick out of the Yankees sucking, so i could like to work out Girardi stick around. yet, pondering the impatience from Hank Steinbrenner, or Yankees possession era, with all of the money invested and expectancies, i could say he finally gets fired. they would not be satisfied approximately eating their money with Girardi, yet they want a sprint shake up. the project is, who relatively is on the marketplace? probability is, Tony Pena takes over the team. Or, in the event that they want something new, possibly Larry Bowa, who grew to become right into a coach some years in the past, or in line with risk even Willie Randolph, Lee Mazzilli, or who knows, possibly Bobby Valentine. I say he gets till the All-megastar smash, possibly the commerce remaining date at maximum. yet, like Willie with the Mets final season, it ought to ensue by making use of June. Mets followers have been calling for it. It occurred at a unusual and wonderful time, prevailing 3 out of four, and 2 as we communicate, consisting of that nighttime, even in spite of the shown fact that it grew to become into an inevitable circulate.

  • Louis
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    1 decade ago

    Girardi might, but not Cashman.

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  • 1 decade ago

    neither. girardi won't be fired, and cashman will likely have his contract renewed. I would like to see cashman fired, but that doesn't seem likely to happen

    Source(s): long-time yankee fan/cashman hater
  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    No, but I want Girardi gone ASAP. He's blown 12-15 games alone with his managerial idiocy, and he's proven that we made a big mistake letting Torre walk out the door.

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