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does anybody know the name of this lifetime movie????

so I know the woman in it has blonde hair and she has a son I was filmed in either the 80s or 90s....her husband is abusive and hires somebody to kill her unknowing that the man is an undercover cop....the wife finds out and is scared for her life until she starts to work with the police to put him away....they move her and her son to some cabin that one of the police members owns in some far away deserted location....she is to stay there so her husband can't find her....he ends up finding her and almost getting them but they catch him....I believe the husband has been in other movies as well I think he was the husband in the movie where the lady told the old lady across the street that if the light was turned on call the police....can you help please.... :)

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    Dead Before Dawn (1993 TV movie)

    starring Cheryl Ladd, Jameson Parker, G.W. Bailey, Kim Coates, Matt Clark, Keone Young, Hope Lange, Jensen Daggett

    IMDb synopsis:

    Rich and successful with two lovely children, Robert and Linda Edelman seem to have the perfect marriage. But Beneath the surface gloss lies another story: for years, Linda has suffered violent physical and emotional abuse at the hands of her husband. Finally, she summons the courage to file for divorce. But, with her marriage nearly over, the real nightmare begins. Enraged, Robert vows revenge on the wife who has dared to stand up to him. Determined to keep both his reputation and his children, Robert plans his own special "divorce": He hires a hitman. But only by becoming the live bait to trap her murderous husband can Linda have any hope of staying alive.


    I watched this one quite recently, so I had it in my film journal. I knew I'd recognize the name when I saw the actors' names I included in my listing: Cheryl Ladd and Jameson Parker (who is fantastic as A.J. Simon in "Simon & Simon" TV series).

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