Can the U.S. beat Russia

how big is Russia s army and if we had to could the U.S. defeat Russia in war.?

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    Russia has a pretty decent army and over the past several years they have spent billions on modifying thier army to meet the threats that they face. The only threat to Russia is the US and its allies. From a Strategic standpoint we are in a better position to engage Russia and push them back into thier zone if they happened to occupy another nation.

    If the war is fought on Russian soil it would pose a whole slew of issues. Nevertheless, the US can and will hit every major strategic and tactical point in Russia. It would be a war that would utilize both the full spectrum of Russian and US sophisticated arsenals without the use of nuclear. And on that note; Russia Vs the US is soooo big that its almost too big to happen. Beating Russia or Russia beating the US will send the world economy spiraling in an unrecoverable downowrd trend.

    But for the sake of imagining such an event in realistic terms; If the US had to put ground troops in Russia to fight an all out war without the use of WMDs, I will give the US a pretty good marginal lead of the Russian forces. Only because the US has been engaged in strategic and tactical operations since the beggining of the 90s. You can train for war, but war with all of it's inherit complexities cannot be mimicked in a training excersise. Russia hasn't been involved in all out war for decades and therefore will test faulty equipment for the first time against an opponent that is the considered the best in the world.

    Yes the US is battle ridden and overextended, but the US knows what will work and what will not. Russia on the other hand still has to find out. the only thing they are going on now is the high morale they have recieved from this recent engagement and that in its self is a false sense of security.

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    When 2 countries have numorous amounts of nukes there is no such question wether one could destroy the other. The war wont even be fought with nukes. Nukes fired off will result in MAD( Mutually assured destruction). Now a smart country will fight the war by destroying all the opposing countries NUCLEAR ARSENALS. NOW THE USA WOULD GO DIRECTLY AFTER THE Russians nukes. Russians will turn on all defence systems. Gues who win? If the Usa succesfully deatroys the Nukes then Russia should scream unconditional surrender. If the Usa fail to to destroy an exeptional amount of nikes then before russia strikes then the USa will fire away the nukes and russia will also. It deoends on who destroys the nukes first. This would be the greatest task for the cia ever to determine the wherabouts of russian nuclear facilities and check points. OEverything will have to be hit within 7 minutes. If we fail its either we call for surrwxnder or fire away amd the results are M.A.D

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    6 years ago

    1. Allys, The US has many if they would get involved as they

    would have to then US would definatly win.

    2. Depends what the war was about, The only reason such a war would happen would be as a desperate last resort. Meaning no surrender, Fight or die.

    In this case USA has a higher population so the army would be much larger with everyone recruited for an all out war.

    3. Their army is more advanced.

    4. The only way i could see russia winning is if the war was started over something stupid and the loss's got so great that the USA wanted it to end. But like i said i cant see that kind of war happening.

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    If the U.S. military does as always and is stupid enough to announce it's intentions of an attack in the media, we will lose. The Russians would be simply waiting us to enter their country. Their country is immense compared to ours and we would have a lot of ground and air to cover.

    By the way, the Russians have a much difficult training program than we do. How do I know this? In our military you have to be careful what you do or say to the troops. Ever since the mothers of new recruits started whining about harsh treatment 25 years ago Senators have been nagging at instructors to lighten up. In the Russian military there is no room for the ACLU and whining mothers.

    Don't get difficult training programs mixed up with weak. I'm not saying that at all.

    I have served in our military and I have nothing against the U.S. military. Our military produces some very tough and skilled individuals. However, we do announce our intentions for an attack every time a war is imminent. Iran is already expecting one from us. So why wouldn't Russia be waiting? They're not stupid, but they are aware of the possibility.

    Here's another very good example: The speed of Russia's attack surprised even the U.S. military. I had just seen this is the news. Russia never announced it's intentions or the hardware involved, they just did it.

    Our nosy media and the pentagon being controlled by weaker minded individuals prevents us from pulling something like this off.

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  • 6 years ago

    Yes Russia is a very powerful country! I hope we never see a war with Russia! However if it came right down to it we the USA could easily destroy Russia as long as the Media stays out of it!

  • 7 years ago

    No. US usual strategy is to move aircraft carrieers, do a preemptive strike then invade the ground backed with a heavy air and missile support. Russian fleet is powerful enough to repell any sea support, so it's coming down to launching an attack from the European bases. At that, USA doesn't possess the means to establish air superiority over russian territory, Russian anti missle defense would detect and destroy missiles and unsupported US ground forces would meet their match on ground and get slaughtered. What US can do is attacking Russian interests abroad, but then the favour would likely be returned and US infrastructure is far more dependent on foreign countries than that of Russia. I'd say, stay away. Americans had hard enough time in Iraq.

  • 7 years ago

    It's unknown , throughout history many nations assumed that their army were superior to Russia's and their struggle against russia was a catastrophe in all cases . They like to say mongol were the only one to invade russia successfully but surprisingly one fact doesn't match is that during mongol invasion there was ok russia to invade instead it was represented by small waring states which all combined were smaller than USA .

    Russia has a long history , with large number of patriots not militant patriots . If someone invade russia and russia loses the ground , they won't hesitate using nuclear weapon due to their historical and cultural values . Russian are not aggressors they won't use nuclear weapon as a political leverega how USA does but in case russia fall to outlanders invaders , they will do it

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    Beauty of Russia

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  • 5 years ago

    Somebody wants a new Fallout 5 after war between USA vs Russia?

  • 7 years ago

    The American military is just so advanced it has sprinted way ahead in the past 20 years with all it's funding... The Russian troops don't even carry bullet proof vest or vehicles.. I would say their anti air is very good but that's about all they have if you count non WMD war.. Now the American troops pound for pounds right now are much better then the russian troops considering they have been at war actively since 90.. It would most likely come down to a short battle here and there and then it would be handled diplomaticly..

  • 7 years ago

    The US has twice as many warplanes as Russia, not even counting the planes of allies. US Naval power is also much stronger than Russia. Russia holds an advantage in land forces and possibly ground-based missile forces. Ultimately, however, the victor in protracted struggles is the nation better able to build the forces of war by virtue of it's larger economy. This played out in WWII where Germany had superior war machines but lacked the production capability of the US. The US economy is about 8 times that of Russia. Consequently, Russia will definitely lose any protracted conventional war with the US.

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