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Can someone tell me basically what is going on between Georgia and Russia?

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    Russia is stealing land.

    The nation of Georgia encompases a region called South Ossetia. South Ossetia tried to break away. No nation would allow this to happen, but since the Russians want more land they sent "peacekeepers" to South Ossetia to keep Georgia from running their own territory. Russia and South Ossetia then started provoking Georgia by firing missiles into Georgia, violating Georgian airspace and shooting at Georgian forces accross the "border".

    Last Thursday night Georgia had enough and decided to take back their land. Russia used this as an excuse to attack Georgia and have invaded Georgian territory. They claim that they had to protect Russian citizens in South Ossetia, but the only real Russian citizens there were the "peacekeepers" or occupation forces. They gave some South Ossetian people Russian passports in order to claim that they were Russian citizens, but since when do Russian citizens live in part of Georgia?

    Russia wants to take over Georgia because they have a pipeline that provides Europe with fuel. Russia controls all the other pipelines. If they control the Georgian pipeline too they've got a monopoly on pumping oil and gas into Europe. They also have power over Europe by cutting off the flow.

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    You only have to look at the International media to get an idea of what's going on whether it be agencies from Iran, China, Algeria, Switzerland, or the Baltic states.

    Russia is avenging the wrongful violence in South Ossieta. It is telling the truth, but is it the whole truth, you have to ask yourself if there is a hidden agenda here.

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