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If you stab the liver, will you die immediately?

I know there's one part of yoru body that that happens to...but I can't freaking remember if it was the liver or not.

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    You won't die "immediately" from a stabbing anywhere. The liver has a lot of blood vessels and doesn't make a scar very well so stabbing in the liver may cause the liver to slowly ooze blood until the person bleeds to death internally. It may take several hours. That can also happen to the spleen. The quickest death from stabbing would be an injury to the heart or any of the large blood vessels like the aorta, or pulmonary arteries or veins since those move a lot of blood will bleed more briskly. So you could potentially bleed to death before an ambulance arrives (within just a few minutes). The rib cage is there to protect those vessels. Also, internal injuries from falling or a motor vehicle accident can cause a tear in the liver or spleen that mimic being stabbed with the slow bleeding. So that is why people with those sort of injuries get a CT scan.

    Source(s): I went to medical school.
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