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Finger Tapping Problems

I'm trying to finger tap the song lip gloss and black by Atreyu but whenever i try to it doesn't sound loud enough, i don't know if its the guitar, amp, or me...but even when I try to make it louder theirs a lot of feedback that i cant really get rid of

my amp is behringer gm108 and my guitar is behringer

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    I don't think it's your equipment. It is most likely your technique. The strings you are tapping have to be attacked in a very precise maner. You have to strike the string with your tapping finger firmly to sound the first note. Then when you pull off, you should slightly bend the string with that finger kind of pluck it as you pull away. Do this with each finger and each note in the series and continue practicing without your amp. When it sounds right unplugged, the plug in and shred away.

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