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Deepika Padukone is #1 on Maxim's Hot 100 list....HUH?!?! Am I missing something here?

Don't get me wrong, I think Deepika Padukone is a very beautiful woman, but to get #1 on Maxim's Hot 100 list and beat out others like Megan Fox, Anna Kournikova, Lacey Chabert..I don't get it.

I personally think Deepika is really not that hot. I mean she's hot. But someone like Bipasha Basu I feel is MUCH hotter.

In Om Shaanti Om, my gosh she was a beauty and immaculate. However, outside of the movie (in interviews and her new movie), she looks a little different. She doesn't look as good. Anyone else notice that or feel the same way?

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    in om shanti om deepika lokked really preety but in interview she wasnt as pretty

  • Ram
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    My Dear friend,

    Human like and dislikes are not all the same in all the persons. Human being is most dynamic personality among God's creation. You may like someone as hot, but the other one may not. And if he thinks some one to be hot according to his view point, probably you may not agree to his view point, Thus there will always be conflicts between likes and dislikes of different persons. This is based on a psychological term "Individual differences". So, to my mind, Deepika Padukone is becoming a hot woman of the day.

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    You are right. She is not yet get fully developed, may be after 3/4 years, when her body and beauty blossomed, she may be deserved NO.1 tag. But I think that is age of instant gratification where Dhoni gets bigger sport award "khel Ratna' so early in his career and Deepika selected No.1. Both have potential but still raw material and yet to prove themselves.

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    Deeps has a charming face no doubt. But as for being HOTTEST, I find a couple of Indian women hotter--

    1. Sania Mirza of the 42" bust,

    2. Ayesha Takia of the 42" bosom &

    3. Genelia D'Souza of the most killing features.

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  • rhein
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    Maxim has lost their freakin minds. Lindsay Lohan the # a million sexiest woman is laughable. Wild partying, snorting cocaine, LiLo drowsing her way around the hollywood male inhabitants, getting under the impact of alcohol, her firecrotch being caught on digital camera with out panties on, and picking fights with different hollywood starlets isnt appealing or warm. Lindsay's popularity is shot to hell. Scarlett Johansson , Jessica Alba or one in each and every of the different elegant women folk on the checklist shouldve made the # a million sexiest woman no longer Lindsay. Lindsay is wonderful and appealing yet shes no longer classically captivating.

  • emce
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    There are much better hot women out there. Indian women are very hot and sexy. The Indian Culture does not inculcate such vices. Because these women, exhibit their body in such a way, you feel they are hot and sexy.

    Actually, they are not. They appear to be hot and sexy,only on the screen. So keep it that way.

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    hey v share same ideas when deepika is concerned!!!!!!!!!

    yes i don't find her that hot or even that beautiful.........i mean she z ok not bad......n i feel she lacks the rawness of a newcomer......

    in short i don't like her much, 4 me she is just ok n i won't mind watching her in a movie

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    shes pleasent to look at but i dont think number 1 is the spot...I personally think Katrina Kaif is the most beautiful woman in the indian film industry rite now..Notice how i did not say bolly wood... dont copy hollywood we are much better then them...

  • Anonymous
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    i think she is really beautiful even outside (interviews) but i agree something looks odd and she probably isnt gud enuf to be #1....megan fox yeah,anna k not enuf,dunno the othr one...

    watevr happened to katrina...

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    you have got it all wrong my friend,the maxim 100 list,this particular one is voted only by the people in india!!

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