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Do you feel that you are poitically well informed? If so, what makes you so?

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    - read new york times and keep up with the wires every day

    - read several online magazines (slate, salon)

    - keep up with the major political blogs and several more obscure ones

    - listen to NPR on my way to and from work (so not a huge part of my news feed bucket)

    - avoid cable news

    that's my every-day news source thing, but being politically informed also means that you understand how everyone's politics are shaped by larger forces and ideologies. if you have never studied how cultural, political, and economic ideologies are constructed, then reading every newspaper in the world every day won't help you.

    Source(s): lol@hannity&rush being a news source.. and to get anyone started on thinking about how political ideas are constructs, this wikipedia article on the history, use, and accuracy of the term "welfare queen" is a great entrypoint:
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    Yes. I am a bit of a current events and political science junky. I listen to a couple of radio stations, watch several TV programs in the evening and read 3-4 websites each day. I read several magazines a month and a few newspapers here and there. All have to do with politics and current events. Past that, I read a lot of books on the subject. All of my sources are either moderate or international. While all sources have a slant, I stick to moderate sources instead of extremist sources with a specific agenda (i.e. Fox News). Doing so ensures that I'm not wasting my time listening to nothing but one small group's personal agenda for the world.

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    I check out daily. I follow what I read there with research and additional reading. I listen to Hugh Hewitt, Bill Bennett, Michael Medved and sometimes Rush. I don't read the mainstream media, I don't take the paper, I no longer read the NY Times and I don't watch the news on television. I stay away from Salon, NPR, CNN and other right-wing rubbish.

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    Yes I am as I get 411 from yahoo answers, Fox, pbs, cbs, Glenn Beck, CNN headline news only when Robin Meade is on what a babe, Sean & Rush

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    I try to stay abreast of the news, daily. T.V. and print news along with getting some from on line sites. XM radio has a few programs that i listen to weekly.

    Source(s): L.A.times,washington post,msnbc,cnn,N.Y.times.
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    i do, and what makes me politically informed is that i not only gather news, but can parse it for inaccuracy.

    i get bored listening to screeching blowhards like Randi Rhodes, and i wouldn't hold down my breakfast more than five seconds if i had to listen to Rush or O'Reilly for that long.

    it's easy to be informed. watch C-SPAN. read the newspaper -- and i don't mean the editorials. if "opinion journalism" weren't allowed, we'd have a MUCH more informed electorate.

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    I've found that the more I learn, the less I know. Just another poster passing the time away on this silly site.

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    Yes, I actively participate in discussions when appropriate. I listen to liberal and conservative talk radio, so I know the strong points for both sides, as well as their weak points.

    Source(s): Independent.
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    I think politically well informed is impossible unless you devote your life to researching it. But I am fairly well informed. I keep my eyes on not just one news source and try not to spout Rhetoric of either party.

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    I listen to Hannity and Limbaugh for entertainment and not for information. That gives me a head start on any ditto head....

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