death comes in threes

what do they mean by "Death comes in threes"

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    "Death comes in threes" is just a eerie supersitition that tells people that once a person dies, so will another and soon there will be another person who passes away which makes it 3.

    Freaky, huh?

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    Ok. I had my Dad die December 29 th and my dog died today, so the likelihood of a third death is high, right? Death coming in threes will always occur because 2 is uncanny and a third makes it superstitious. I think anything to do with death happening in a row has pro bly to do with superstitions related to the blubonic plague or an outbreak leading to death. It becomes expected or contagious.

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    It's a Southern supersitition kept alive by the older generations that bad things, espcially death, comes in threes. Apparently, when someone dies in the family or community, two death follows shortly thereafter. It might have started from a myth "Three on a Match" started during the First World War.

    In the Entertainment community..Bernie Mac, Isaac Hayes (both just this last weekend), and........?

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    Death always happens in 3 s. Why? I don t exactly have that answer, but it does happen. 1 death is always expected, but the other 2 are not expected at all. It may not happen within a week or 2 maybe it will happen all within a few months or even a year, but It does happen. I would love to know why, but can t exactly find a correct answer. If you pay close attention you will see in does happen in 3 s. Always have.

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    It is a superstition that death comes in threes to a family or community, meaning that 3 well-known people, or 3 friends/family members that are close to you all die in a relitively short time period.

    i.e. - in the month of April this year - two friends and one of my family members all died. I was rather expecting the loss of a family member who was suffering from cancer anyway, but right after the two friends, I just knew she would be next because that would make my 3.

    Though I usually don't believe in such superstitions. I've had other people in my life pass away and never was it 3 in a row in such a short time period.

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    6 years ago

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    death comes in threes

    what do they mean by "Death comes in threes"

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    I have heard this superstition when I worked in a nursing home. Whenever one of the old people died, some of the old hands said that two more will follow.

    Obviously, this turned out to be true. One day or one week or one month later, more people died. And the old hands said: "See! There it is again, two more people have died. Death comes in threes." (And when the total was four, they simply said okay it will be six this time)

    It is a simple and stupid superstition. You can as well stand on the side of a road and say "cars come in threes". And then, after every third car, point out that you were right again.

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    People Die In Threes

  • 1 decade ago

    I should know better than to believe in this nonsense, but I kind of do...

    With celebrities it seems to be true, anyhow, famous people's deaths seem to come more than one at a time. As a matter of fact this morning I was reading about Isaac Hayes's death and Bernie Mac's and thinking, oh, my, which famous black entertainer will be the third death?

    I'm a mature, college-educated person and I still believe in this, I don't know what's wrong with me...!

  • 5 years ago

    Its true! My Aunt, My cousin's grandmother and my grandma died farely close together. After my cousin's grandma died i thought "whos next?" sadly death was closer than i thought. Also happened in my family when i was younger as well when my dad past. Happens more with celebs. Right now its Lemmy, Bowie, and Alan Rickman. Its spooky

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