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Miley cyrus? Miley cyrus? Miley cyrus?

do you think shes kind of a hoe alot of ppl on here are saying this? i dnt think so! wat r ur thoughts?


If so Y???

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    I think that she's a bad role model. I don't understand how Disney can promote her while her best friend was a stripper and she's constantly shown with racy pics. But I guess if they can promote HSM3 with Vanessa Hudgens and her pics, then they can do anything.

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    yeah i think she is a hoe..when her first naughty pics came out i defended her and said shes a teen girl just being stupid like the rest of us and she didnt mean for those to get out..but then like a crap load of other pics came out at different times so i think she is just playing innocent for disney and her family im sure after she is 18 she will start slutting it up even more.

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    1 decade ago

    Miley Circus/Paris in the same. When they bend over, flies rush out of hibernation.

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    Yes I think she's a hoe. There are like 20 pics of her with her looking like she's drunk, while pulling up her shirt on a coach, with a guy. She's also becoming lesbian.

    Source(s): One of the questions on here had those pictures. I just can't remember which one.
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  • Yup she is a whore,

    Shes fake, and ugly, and spoilt and a total wannabe

    She takes pics of herself half naked, she think shes evreything, and like i've said thousands of times i don't know why ppl love her so much, whats so special about her?

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    god she is so overratted and annoys the hell out of me

    and now she is o the cover of seventeen

    im gonna boycott the issue

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    1 decade ago

    Sorry to tell you this if you're a fan, but Miley is a pathetic, spoiled, brainwashing, talentless, fake, lesbian, pornish Disney brat.

  • 3 years ago

    properly, i think of u can do a extra useful one with the help of putting extra issues and extra stuff bout miley and how she is excellent and funky and how plenty u like her or (it incredibly is nearly evil somewhat yet ought to artwork) take her digital mail attempt to be acquaintances together with her and make her noe that u noe she copied u and make her experience undesirable approximately it and enable her pass substitute it. and ummmmmmmmmm properly ah idk wat else so besides good luck

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    Live, Laugh, Love - I couldn't have said it better. I agree completely

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    1 decade ago

    I do.

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