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Issue with Blackberry Sync issue with Outlook

I have a Blackberry 8310, And Office 2003 Pro. When i enter a calendar entry into Outlook And sync, Everything is fine. Next day, I sync, My Blackberry will have the previous days appointments, but some, not all of the entries are gone from Outlook. Also am having a issue with receiving duplicate emails on my Blackberry. Hope someone is able to aid in the resolution.

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    It happens if you have multiple email addresses set up on your phone or sometimes for no reason at all. It can work fine for weeks/months, then one day it just happens

    a) Make certain Outlook is COMPLETELY up to date. Manually enter any calendar items on the BB which have not been synced over to Outlook.

    b) On your BB, look at Calendar > Options > and you will see the different calendars available. Go back to the main calendar page and and press Menu, and you can view the calendars for each email profile. Decide which email profile you want your calendar entries to reside under, and which is your primary email address for this.

    c) Go to Options > Advanced > Service Books. Highlight over AND delete the entries for ALL other email addresses other than your PRIMARY email address.

    d) Go to Options > Advanced > Default Services, and make sure ONLY the one primary email you desire is listed there.

    e) Now, connect your BB to your PC via USB, and open Desktop Manager.

    f) Now, with your Outlook completely updated manually, do this:

    1. Connect your BB via USB to your PC, and Open Desktop Manager on your PC.

    2. Open up Backup/Restore > Advanced.

    3. From Advanced you'll see a split pane screen. You won't see anything in the left pane. In the right pane will be the databases currently on your handheld device.

    4. Highlight on the right side your Address Book database (OR your Calendar database) and click the CLEAR button at the bottom of that screen.

    5. After it's finished, close the Backup/Restore window, and check the device to make sure the address book (or Calendar) has properly cleared out.

    6. Now, re-sync the necessary contact (or Calendar information) from Outlook (or your database) and you should be set to go.

    g) With all that completed, and your calendar appearing in BB... remove the battery on your BB (powered ON) and reboot the BB. This should resend the Service Books for the other email addresses you had deleted earlier. If you find after an hour they are not back, resend the service books from your carrier BIS site.

    h) return to Options > Advanced > Default Services and make sure your primary email is still the default email. You want to leave your primary showing in the screen, and save.

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