Anyone besides me laughing directly into the faces of these hypocritical liberals in these forums?

John McCain cheated...bad guy.

Newt Gingrich cheated...bad guy.

John Edwards cheated...and the only comments coming from the Left are 'well McCain and Gingrich did it also'!

Thanks for the laughs, on YOU!


BEL I agree, thats what I'm pointing out with this question.

Update 2:

FDM your post just proved my point, thanks ; )

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    "only comments coming from the Left are 'well McCain and Gingrich did it also"

    Frankly I dont think that statement is true. The general consensus I have heard...left, right, and center is that Edward's political career is seriously damaged, and rightly so. I was a supporter of Edwards, and, had he won the nomination, I would seriously be rethinking who I would vote for. The truth is infidelity, be it Edwards, McCain, Vitter, Craig, or any of them, is dishonorable and shows a lack of character.

    I think most reasonable people of any ideology would agree with that. But wasting time vilifying "Liberals" or "right wingers" does nothing to benefit anyone. The reason this country is in such bad shape and the government is unwilling to do anything about it is because idiots on both sides are so unwilling to cooperate in the fear that the "other side" will get some credit for doing something right. So instead they (we) spend their time blaming each other, mocking each others ideals...and letting the country go to hell in the meantime.

    Lets cut out the hypocritical, mocking, BS and try talking reasonably, treating others with common courtesy and respect, and working together...then...maybe...just maybe, this country has a chance fixing things before its too late.

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    Republicans handle any and all scandals in the same way. It's politics 101. Never defend, always attack. If you don't see this then you are ignorant. And because this is fact, does this mean that coservatives are also "hysterical"?

    However, to prove you wrong, I was a big supporter of Edwards and I am extremely disappointed. If he were the candidate right now rather than Obama this would have destroyed any chances that the Democrats have. For him to do this was irresponsible to the American public and an insult to his wife.

    Source(s): Reality... try it sometime
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    I don't care that McCain or Gingrich cheated. Honestly, I didn't even know. I'm a dem. and an Obama supporter and I couldn't care less that McCain cheated or Edwards cheated. The fact is, Obama still shares my views on the issues more than McCain. So, cheating doesn't bother me one bit. It just doesn't seem important. Obama could be cheating for all I care.

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    We have a $9.5 trillion national debt. We just borrowed $600 billion from China and Japan. Our economy is in the trash. Dollar and markets all down. Health Care is a mess. Our roads and bridges are in disrepair. We are not safer now then before 9-11. Bin Laden is still alive. Iraq had no WMDs. Iran and N. Korea are also. You think cheating is a issue. I don't. Someone is funny and you should look in the mirror to find out who that is. . Bush and the Republicans who were in control of Congress for 7 years made this mess of our country not liberals.

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    Well, yes, and the edwards thing isn't over yet, more show to go! There is just a little matter of the money, now...

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    They crack me up, in fact I have to laugh everytime I see how they handle when their side does something wrong. Obama takes money from a known thug, Tony Rezko, and they are not the least bit concerned, but McCain has a charge account with 250K on it, that is a BIG deal even though it's his own money he is spending and not Tony Rezko's.

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    Almost as funny as the right trying with all their might to some how link the Edwards affair with Obama. What Edwards did was absolutely wrong but then he's not his parties presidential candidate. Can the Repubs say the same?

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    No, it's just you laughing by yourself.

    Folks want to make a big deal out of Edwards' affair, but let's get real: After the GOP scandals of late, we're relieved that Edwards wasn't caught soliciting gay underage sex in a men's room.

    You should try to keep that sense of humor while you can! See you in Nov- I will be the one openly mocking you!

    OBAMA 08!!!

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    Inappropriate activity by any politician is unacceptable. I wish you cons would put things in proper prospective. Clinton gets impeached for a BJ but Dumbya isn't called on the carpet for starting a war on a pack of lies and ratting out a CIA operative.

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    Vinny,from my middle of the road point of view,the hypocrisy comes from both sides.

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