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Should I Play Football?

I'm 17 years old, I weigh 120 pounds, and 5'8. I played football my Freshman year and that was my first year of playing, and it made my dad so proud of me. Then when my Sophomore year came around I quit football and basketball and started working at Subway. Then my Junior year is coming up. And I was trying to make some good decisions in thinking of playing Football, all my friends says yes and no. So I was wondering should I play football?


On my freshman year, my coaches was shocked how I played because it was my first year playing. I didn't even got hurt or anything playing, (breaking a bone).

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    Yes, you should play football, because if you do not, you will live the rest of your life wondering "what if" or "I wish I wouldn't have quit".

    Trust me, I quit playing when I was in college, and not a day goes by that I don't think about it and regret it. I don't beat myself up, and I've moved on, but I wish I would have stuck it out!

    Yes, there is risk of injury, but the rewards of being part of a football team far outweigh the risks.

    Playing football is not easy, you will want to quit a million times during two-a-days, but you must realize that the rewards come later. Sometimes years later.

    Nobody plays football forever, so you must play now, while you still have the chance. Subway will always be there in the future, don't listen to your friends. And if your coaches suck: oh well, play anyway, because it's just worth it.

    You will learn more about life from playing football, than you will from anything else at your age.

    Go for it! and stick with it through thick and thin!

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    Yes of-course you can play football. If you don't, you will be wondering your whole life "I wouldn't have quit".

    Now you can start playing with the local football teams. Find the best local football teams in your area through

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    No. The chances of serous injury and not worth the rewards of juvenile football. Get a crippling injury and long after the your football season is forgotten by all others, you might still limp or plan your day so that you get home before your wheel chair battery is depleted.

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    No. Don't ever think about playing football again and don't ask if us if we think you should be playing football again.

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    It is left for you to decide. It is better you follow what your mind tells you & don't listen to what people say so as for you not to take the step you will regret.

    If yes, be determined & I promise you that you will make it.

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    play! american football is the greatest sport in the world in response to one of the comments above me.

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    depends how good you are because football is a lot of time and commitment

    all the best :)

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    yes. you want something to look back on, unless your coachs are asses and suck like mine, i onyl got 1 year in too

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    football is very funny game.

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