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I took steroids as a teen and I need advice.

Alright Im 17 and Ive made a few mistakes in the past year. Ye I know about the whole teenage steroid talks on how its bad and Im someone who didnt listen. I know I will probably get banned for posting this but I just wanted some information so it will make my life and mind a lot easier and calm.

Here is where it starts

I transfered to a new school my junior year and I was a football player so I was excited to be playing for a powerhouse football team in the state. What I didnt except was half the team was crazed about Prohormones such as Oxodrol and all that crap. Well wanting to fit in and play and compete, I took a cycle of Methyl XS when I started and Formadrol as a PCT. Then in Jan I took a cycle of Oxodrol 12 then 6 Oxo Extreme. Then a month later I took Methandrol with 6 Oxo after. Then this past summer I took a 10 week cycle of Supertest 350, with Dianabol for the first month and I took my last injection today and threw away the rest because I wanted that stuff out of my life. I plan on recieving my nolvadex and clomid soon so I can start my last PCT in history.

I want to know if that stuff I took will ruin my life and give me an early death or did I stop before I caused serious damage. Im posting this risking ban so I can hear info from experts, not to be made fun of or told "i told you so". I have decided to end steroids in my life and become a new person and become an opposer of underage steroid use. I let myself get manipulated by the sport I love to become the best and did not think about the risks. Can you all answer my question so I can rest at night and not be so paranoid before I probably get banned. Your comments are greatly appreciated.

Currently 17



bench: 350

squat: 500


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    1 decade ago
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    17 is WAY too young, your natural test production and sperm count might never recover.

    Health wise, its very very likely that your going to be on HRT for the rest of your life just to maintain normal testosterone rates.

    You started way too young, your test baseline was lowered significantly.

    usually you need to wait till 21+ to safely do juice.

    Run a LONG PCT, Id go for atleast 8 weeks, your using both clomid and nolva, use HCG if you can get your hands on it, but that would have been alot more useful during cycle.

    Run the SERMs wide open and run them for a long time, you need to try to bring your test production back up.

    I would honestly see a doc after you finish your PCT, get your test levels checked, your sperm counts, and get some blood work done.

    Nothing you did is really THAT harsh besides mabey the dbol, just check the liver and kidneys, you need those, alot.

    10 weeks isnt a crazy cycle, and your pct looks good, but who the hell sells juice to 16-17 year olds, thats just incredibly stupid.

    19-20 minimum for juice or pro steroids like M1T or superdrol.

    Id definitely get a physical, blood work is a must after PCT.

    Alot of your natural potential for development was wasted when you started cycling.

    If your benching 350 with dbol and test then your never going to bench 500.

    And you dead lift is pretty weak as well, although I guess you have a disadvantage being shorter.

    My lifts are pretty much the same as yours, Id say 20 pounds weaker across the board with the exception of deadlifts, those are my strongest lift, granted Im 3 years older, but your shorter and heavier than me.

    Its good you stopped when you did. If you had built a solid base and waited a few years youd be a monster in your 20's.

    Source(s): 6 foot 208, natural as of now, but planning to cycle in my late 20's.
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  • 4 years ago

    There is a fairly good chance you will be fine. Infertility usually happens when people are taking steroids but can go back to normal after a while once the drugs are out of their system. I'm not saying to do them again or anything, but try not to panic.

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  • Pro hormones arnt illegal, or at least not in Florida at the moment. I started taking them at 16, due to I wanted to bulk up in muscle, I put on about 15 pounds of muscle but wanted to go further so i went to steroid steroids (yes the illegal type) and ended up throwing on 35 pounds of muscle the first month. In the end, I ****** up my bodies functions like sleeping, sitting still etc... Pro hormones can stunt your growth in height by closing your growth plates..etc. Just get off the juice man, and pro hormones. I have recently gone off and All i use now is the following:

    1) NO2 Shotgun

    2) Red line kreatine

    3) Max muscle weigh

    4) Water

    Also I ended up getting suspended from football due to it, screwed up my year really... but im off now and never better.

    Source(s): Retired steroid user...
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  • 3 years ago

    Oxodrol 12

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  • 1 decade ago

    Well i see the steroids are taking a negative affect on your temper... thanks for the tip about how to kill myself but i'm not that stupid and i reported you for it.

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