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本港首日舉行奧運馬術 比賽,便發生執行護送任務的鐵騎巡警殉職嚴重意外。一名現役西九龍交通特遣隊警員,昨晚奉調執行護送奧馬要員任務後,獨自駕鐵騎離開,回程途至上水 古洞路時,疑剷上一個伸出馬路的自製石屎斜台「死亡陷阱」,鐵騎失控越綫剷上行人路,警員狂撼鐵柱當場頭爆昏迷,送院後告不治。


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    Hong Kong's first Olympic equestrian events to be held, will escort duties in the implementation of the Tieqi patrol killed a serious accident. An active-duty contingent of Police, Traffic, Kowloon West, the Spurs last night Fengdiao implementation of VIP escort mission, to leave Tieqi drive alone, the return trip passers-by Kwu Tung Road, Sheung Shui, the suspect shovel out the road on a self-made concrete ramps Taiwan "Death traps", the line ran out of control Tieqi shovel on the pavement, police officers mad to shake Tiezhu the first explosion was in coma, where he was certified dead after arrival.

    A VIP escort the Spurs Tieqi patrol, crashed last night in Sheung Shui crash deaths. Car accident kills people at the scene for the Kwu Tung Road near a construction site off the site pedestrian street was made a concrete ramp Desk, to facilitate traffic diverted the pavement, but the road ramp Taiwan protruding two meters, Dayton drivers become "death traps . " Sources said at the scene, when the interim Microbend Tieqi in the darkness, the shovel on the ramp Taiwan Dayton as "The Cannonball Run," Traffic Police suspect lost their precious lives.

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