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很抱歉!在收到你的BLUE標準色後發現與我手上的QA Form顏色不相同,由於此色很少使用以致資訊出現問題。


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    (For your reference. Hope it helps)

    We are sorry to inform you that, upon receiving the sample (or swatch) of your standard BLUE color, we checked and found that it's slightly different from the BLUE color on our QA Form. We rarely received orders for this color and we should have communicated better with you about the exact color for this order.

    Due to the short lead time in making this shipment, we have already shipped most of the merchandize for this order to Singapore. Could you be so kind to accept this shipment? We guarantee to match your color exactly in all future orders. We deeply appreciate your cooperation.

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    Was sorry very much! After receives your BLUE standard color to

    discover QA the Form color is not same with my hand in, because this

    color very little uses so that the information to have the problem.

    Now because 交期 is urgent, we this group of big goods exportation

    to Singapore, have invited you to help to accept in this order form

    our big goods color, we will be able to revise in the later order

    form, hoped you will help!


    2008-08-12 00:16:57 補充:


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    I apologize to find discrepancy in receving your standard blue color and the QA Form on me, which is causing information mistake due to rare usage of such type.

    The delivery date is at a blink of an eye, we have shipped the mass batch to Singapore, kindly accept our batch color this time, and we will rectify in future orders, please help.

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