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she's the man足球尤物

我要一首足球尤物裡的歌 就是杜克在教薇拉踢球 然後球有打到麥爾坎 然後教練正在看時播的歌 我之前有聽過一點點 但是覺得跟足球尤物裡面播的不太一樣 所以請幫我找一找跟足球由物理玻的一樣的歌.......希望能幫我找到那首歌的網址 thanks!


但是之前我有看到那首歌是 O.R.A 唱的!!方便幫我找一下嗎 THANKS!

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    1. No Sleep 2Nite--The Faders

    2. Invincible--Ok Go

    3. The School Cut Our Team--Nathan Wang

    4. Somebody--Slightly Stoopid

    5. 4Ever--The Veronicas

    6. Talking To Your Brother--Nathan Wang

    7. Let Go--Dave Lichens

    8. Wrong The Right--The "F" Ups

    9. Good Girl, Bad Boy--Junior Senior

    10. She IS The Man--Nathan Wang

    11. Spun--Flipsyde

    12. Side 2--Dressy Bessy

    13. Treat You As An Equal?--Nathan Wang

    14. Wasteland--Matt White

    15. Kissing Booth--Makeout

    16. Put It Down--Spiderbait

    17. Inda--Ken Oak

    18. Runway Kiss--Nathan Wang

    19. Love Is All Around--The Tea Queens

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