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How do i fix my computer?everytime i google something it opens a different window

ok so i found out two days ago that i had xp antivirus 2008 on my computer. so of course i ckecked on answer and i got the answer from "REmove antivirus xp 2008" (U're a genius btw)ok so i removed it and everything was cool. But then today i tried to google some info and i would click the link but a different one would open, like stop smoking or shopping website. Wat is wrong with it? Please help if u can. I can't live without my computer at its full capacity


I have norton antivirus btw and it doesn't catch anythin

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    First of all Get a pop up blocker or Enable it from the settings on which ever Internet Browser you a re using(IE/Firefox/Safari/Opera).

    Some information about XP antiirus 2008

    "XP Antivirus 2008 is one of the latest counterfeit antispyware that devastates the wolrd wide web. XP Antivirus 2008 usually come up after you installed a video codec that come with Trojan, malware and virus. XP Antivirus 2008 normally generates fake and misleading system popup error messages so end-users will be tricked into purchase XP Antivirus 2008."

    Here is how to remove Every Bit of it manually from your system.

    get adblocker,adaware etc

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    Hi, are you using Mozilla or IE?

    This happened to me - I tried to uninstall ANYTHING on my computer that looked suspicious because my browser was still infected. I think Antivirus 2008 actually installs a lot of SPYWARE, but I'm not sure, so I downloaded about every free, well-rated program from (like Ad-Aware, SuperantiSpyware, AVG) and did some scans. (You should probably get another anti-virus system and scan with it too.)

    After that didn't stop the problems, I cleared my Mozilla cookies (it's in the window that appear when you open and close the Mozilla browser) and that did the trick. My computer is still a little slow, but it fixed the problem.

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    First, like others said, use a popup blocker, probably included with your browser under tools>options/settings (if you're using IE or Firefox), then get some free anti-spyware software, like ad-aware (which I find to be the best) and spybot. If you want, you could pay for something like Norton Anti-Virus. Ad-aware should really help.

    Also, are you sure you're on the real Google? Make sure you type the address in completely, and then make sure that once you click "Go" the address doesn't change.

    If you're using xp, you should be able to go to Control Panel>Add/Remove Programs, and go through the list of programs you have. If you have any programs with titles such as "search assist" or "web search" which you did not deliberately install and know are safe, then remove them. Hope this helps.

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    those are probably popups from spyware or internet popups.

    first of all i recommend firefox because it has security features built in an pop up blockers, also there is a big chance that it is spyware because i had the same situation as you for a week. well, i used almost every antivirus and anti spyware there was and here is what i found to be the best

    Virus protection- Avira or Avast antivirus you can choose whichever you like but i am using avira



    Now since you probably have spyware on your computer, this software will help you enormously.


    it worked for me and hopefully for you

    Source(s): also, norton is probably the worst. it doesnt catch anything and i would recommend to uninstall it before you install the new software
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    yea, xp antivirus 2008 made my life a living hell but i found a cheap way of fixing my pc... i used a removal process where it has you restart into safe mode and then run smitfraudfix. it actually worked and saved me a lot of money.

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    Download Superanti-spyware and scan for any malicious content.

    use firefox 3 for safe browsing.

    Get rid of norton and install AVast free or AVG 8.

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    Read this article, It will help you solve this popups problem.

    This heppans because of spywares, you need to remove them from your computer.

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    it might by your browser doesnt block it... download mozilla firefox i dont get any pop ups from it

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