I am recieveing EI(Employment Insurance) but i want to go back to university for 2 courses.

I want to go back to university and take 2 courses this semester (total - 6 hours class each week) The classes will be 7:00 pm to 10:00 pm. I want to know will i be kicked off EI if i go to university. I really need the money but i also need to utilize my time while i don't have a job. Also, what happens if i just start going to university and not worry about EI. will i get in trouble. I am asking this second question because it is august already and i am going to apply tomorrow (even though the application deadline has passed - i have begged my university to take me in.) Now, if i pay for course and don't go then i lose all my money and if i inform and EI rejects it then I'm just sitting home applying for jobs and wasting rest of the time. CAn i please get some help. If i inform them late - what is the worst thing that can happen to me? How else can they find out if i am taking courses or not. PLEASE HELP...THANKS

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    Although you are going back to school, there are certain times you can take classes. Call Service Canada to be sure...but I think 12 hours or less a week (in the evenings) is okay to take. You will still have to jump some hoops, and be aware that you will have to say you would be willing to miss school if you had a job opportunity.

    Call Service Canada to be sure...or go to an office.

    Source(s): I took one course that was 10 hours a week and they said it was okay.
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    From what I researched, you have to be available for work at all times, and if you are a student, then that means you are not available for work, the best way to find out is to just ask the Unemployment office. But since you are taking classes in the evening, I really dont see why or how that could be a problem. I'm wondering the same thing also, because I am applying for EI and I also would like to go back to school.

    Good Luck!

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