How do I dye white jeans pink??

I've been looking everywhere for BRIGHT PINK NEON SKINNY JEANS but i can't find ANY in my size so i was wondering how can I dye my white pair of jeans pink

I need to know the STEPS and how I can get the BRIGHTEST COLOR


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    There is a product called RIT dye. It's found in the laundry aisle at Walmart or Kmart (maybe, never bought it from the latter).

    You can buy it in powder or liquid form, depending on the size of the load you want to dye.

    You should only do this if you have a washing machine and dryer with stainless steel tubs...or if you really don't care if the insides of them turn pink.

    I do think, however, that the fuschia (the closest you'll find to bright pink neon) comes in powder form only. You may need a few boxes.

    Buy some cheap white washcloths or fabric napkins that are as similar as possible to the fabric your white jeans are and test out some of the powder on those first to determine how much you'll need to use and if it's even worth it. You may find that you dye your white jeans and hate them. The RIT is fairly inexpensive.

    You will need to fill one side of a stainless steel sink with HOT water and whatever amount the box or bottle says of salt (usually a cup). I typically fill it up to give about four inches of leeway to the top. You can always add more later and just jostle the fabirc around, won't make a difference. Using some sort of stainless steel utensil (knife, long spoon, etc) mix that up until the salt dissolves and then put in the amount of dye it calls for. You'll need gloves for this as the dyes will stain your skin. Mix that around as well.

    Then slowly drop your pants into the dye water, allowing them to soak it in completely. Press them down in places with your gloved fingers or the utensil and let it sit for HALF of the time the bottle or box tells you to. Use your oven timer if necessary. Go back and pull the fabric out slowly and see if it's the color you want, remembering that some of it will wash out. If it's not as bright or dark as you want, put the fabric in the opposite

    way so that it all gets covered evenly and let it sit for the other half of the time.

    Get a large unused trash bag and open it up and put it on the opposite side of the sink.

    Pull the jeans out of the sink and allow as much excess dye and water to drip off and then slowly place them in the trash bag, being careful not to let any (or at least not a lot) of the dye to drip around the bag.

    Put the bag into the washing machine and THEN open it and dump out the jeans. This prevents dye from getting onto the floor. I can tell you from experience that the red ones don't always come off of tile! You don't need to use soap as the only purpose of this is to get out the excess dye.

    Run the washing machine through the hottest temperature possible for your jeans. If you can't do anything but cold, that's OK too. You'll just probably want to do it twice as it won't pull out as much dye.

    Then toss them in the dryer and you're good to go. You may want to be cautious as to what you wash them with the first few actual washes as the dye will run, especially the darker colors.

    Use a pair of stainless steel tongs or the utensil to jimmy the sink strainer out and then rinse the entire sink down so that nothing else gets stained along the way. Toss out the trash bag and the gloves and enjoy your new pink jeans!

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    well they have a lot at Forever 21I'm sure they will have your size. And also at Delia's. But if not, take a spaghetti pan and put the jeans in and put pink dye with boiling water.

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    you go to michaels or joann fabrics and buy pink fabric dye. You'll find all the instructions you need on the box

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    Use Pink Dye !

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    pastel pink but it depends what you are planning to wear with it because the pink might clash with some of the tops you want to wear.

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    You can get them from Wet Seal from 20$

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    I often end up asking the same thing on other sites

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    1. Put it into the washer with all red and pink crayons.

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    Not really sure what to say

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