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Which presidential candidate does not support the troops?


In mid 2007, Senator Reid noted that McCain missed 10 of the past 14 votes on Iraq. However, here is a summary of a dozen votes (two that he missed and ten that he voted against) with respect to Iraq, funding for veterans or for troops, including equipment and armor. I have also included other snippets related to the time period when the vote occurred.

September 2007: McCain voted against the Webb amendment calling for adequate troop rest between deployments. At the time, nearly 65% of people polled in a CNN poll indicted that "things are going either moderately badly or very badly in Iraq.

July 2007: McCain voted against a plan to drawdown troop levels in Iraq. At the time, an ABC poll found that 63% thought the invasion was not worth it, and a CBS News poll found that 72% of respondents wanted troops out within 2 years.

Update 2:

March 2007: McCain was too busy to vote on a bill that would require the start of a drawdown in troop levels within 120 days with a goal of withdrawing nearly all combat troops within one year. Around this time, an NBC News poll found that 55% of respondents indicated that the US goal of achieving victory in Iraq is not possible. This number has not moved significantly since then.

February 2007: For such a strong supporter of the escalation, McCain didn’t even bother to show up and vote against a resolution condemning it. However, at the time a CNN poll found that only 16% of respondents wanted to send more troops to Iraq (that number has since declined to around 10%), while 60% said that some or all should be withdrawn. This number has since gone up to around 70%.

June 2006: McCain voted against a resolution that Bush start withdrawing troops but with no timeline to do so.

Update 3:

May 2006: McCain voted against an amendment that would provide $20 million to the Department of Veterans Affairs (VA) for health care facilities.

April 2006: McCain was one of only 13 Senators to vote against $430,000,000 for the Department of Veteran Affairs for Medical Services for outpatient care and treatment for veterans.

March 2006: McCain voted against increasing Veterans medical services funding by $1.5 billion in FY 2007 to be paid for by closing corporate tax loopholes.

March 2004: McCain once again voted for abusive tax loopholes over veterans when he voted against creating a reserve fund to allow for an increase in Veterans' medical care by $1.8 billion by eliminating abusive tax loopholes. Jeez, McCain really loves those tax loopholes for corporations, since he voted for them over our veterans' needs.

Update 4:

October 2003: McCain voted to table an amendment by Senator Dodd that called for an additional $322,000,000 for safety equipment for United States forces in Iraq and to reduce the amount provided for reconstruction in Iraq by $322,000,000.

April 2003: McCain urged other Senate members to table a vote (which never passed) to provide more than $1 billion for National Guard and Reserve equipment in Iraq related to a shortage of helmets, tents, bullet-proof inserts, and tactical vests.

August 2001: McCain voted against increasing the amount available for medical care for veterans by $650,000,000. To his credit, he also voted against the 2001 Bush tax cuts, which he now supports making permanent, despite the dire financial condition this country is in, and despite the fact that he indicated in 2001 that these tax cuts unfairly benefited the very wealthy at the expense of the middle class.

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    John "Flip-Flop" McCain

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    Your first few are about increasing troops levels and withdrawing troops from Iraq, McCain does not just do whatever the polls says he should, he is a man of principle, he votes for what he believes in. We are winning that war despite what all the media, liberals, and doubters said. Thank god our politicians did not listen to the polls because Iraq right now would be an all out war zone rather than a mostly peaceful country.

    As for not supplying out troops, i wish I was dedicated enough to look into those a bit more because that is a classic politician trick, have a bill that a strong majority of people would support but include stuff like earmarks along with other unrelated stuff that would not get passed on its own. It almost forces a politician to vote for it because if they don't people will say... he doesn't support the troops.

    Also, McCain is a believer in a balanced budget. He did not support the Bush tax cuts because it did not come with spending cuts. The bills probably just said a million for this a million for that, and yes the intentions were noble but if there was no cuts in the budget or tax increases then McCain would not support it.

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    Most likely seeing they were Democrat bills, the Democrats used Veterans and military spending bills to try and pass their pork spending by attaching them to the bills.

    I don't think Yahoo will allow me enough space to debunk most of your remarks but let's get started..

    1. Webb amendment calling for adequate troop rest between deployments.

    Whcih was the Democrat parties way of attempting to force a drawdown of troops in IRaq.

    " To specify minimum periods between deployment of units and members of the Armed Forces deployed for Operation Iraqi Freedom and Operation Enduring Freedom"

    March 2007 . Why does this suggest he doesn't support the troops, when in fact the initial 'surge ' troops were being deployed

    Most of your "mcCain doesn't support the troops" are related to the Democrats wanting to end the war in Iraq.

    Since when does wanting the war to end is the sole definition of whather a person supports the troops or not.

    I'm sure that if I wanted to look through thee rest of your claims I would find more Democrat party crap

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    I'm voting for Obama but I'm not callous or ill-informed enough to believe that McCain doesn't support our troops. Why does every election have to be about tearing the other guy to pieces?

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    Those that limit information about facts do so because they are unable to live with reality. McCain voeted what he felt was right and I'm sure there were sections of those items he voted against that were full of unnecessary spending. His votes are from the heart based on His beliefs not blind submission to party leadership.

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    McCain has always supported the troops and Obama would rather go shoot hoops, fine candidate you have there.

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    Without reading all of your biased banter I can assure you both candidates support the troops. They are both hoping to have them all return successfully and safely. No one is wishing any ill will on the troops at all.

    If you're asking "who is in favor of the war?" That is a totally different question and you totally shouldn't beat around the BUSH with word games.

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  • Ill have to go with the non american on this one

    McCain 08.

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    If you already know the answer to your question (as it is clear to me that you do), why are you asking it?

    Source(s): Independent
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    again I say,the military is NOT CRAZY ABOUT THE REPUBLICANS!!! and to say they are at best luke warm about McCain is an understatement.

    Source(s): ex Marine and proud of it.
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