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Perforated ear drum damage without bleeding or immediate pain?

about a month ago i was cleaning my ears with a q-tip, I went in deeper than i ever have before. I didnt notice any immediate pain or any bleeding. But it started hurting about an hour later and has been hurting for the past month. The weird thing is it really only hurts when I open my mouth to chew food. Is it possible to have damaged eardrum without seeing any bleeding ?

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    Yes, my ear nose and throat doctor told me that q-tips make micro cuts in the ear and they can set up infection. Get it checked.

    You can perforate an eardrum and not hurt. My husband perforated his while doing a deep dive into the water.

    Also, ear drums will perforate with extensive fluid pressure to relieve the fluid, even making the person feel better.

    This is why ear drains are put in, They make a hole (perforation) then let fluid or perforation drain.

    In the older days, the doctor used to lance the ear drums (make a perforation) to let it releive pressure and infection.

    Many infants and toddlers perforate their eardrums without knowing it with repeated ear infections.

    Stay away from q-tips, it can be an addiction and I don't even go there anymore. Use a cotton ball to dry out the ear. Other wise, you have no business using them.

    Ear irrigation kits are better for cleaning ear wax. BJ

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    Perforated Eardrum Bleeding

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    Ruptured Eardrum Bleeding

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    It's quite easy to damage your ears with a q-tip. If it's been hurting for this long, you might consider seeing a doctor.

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