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I'm confused about myself. (Help with inner insecurities.(Ive already asked you, Shelly))

I think I have several problems, first off, I'm afraid of being free to do what I want. If I become truly free I'm afraid what I might do, I'm so scared that I gave ownership of myself to a friend. I swore to obey any command they give me regardless of effect (except involving drugs) and I can't lie to them. I am not sure why I need to do this but something inside me tells me that I would do horrible things if I didn't.

I just want people to try and give insight to why I'm like this and I'll add more details if you ask for them.

P.S. Don't tell me I need a psychologist as I can't stand them and their encouragement.


Just to clarify, I dont fear being free, I fear myself having the freedom, I have a truly chaotic side and if I'm free to do what I want, I'm afraid I'll kill or hurt someone.

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    I'll pray for you.

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    It's just because you haven't experienced independance yet. Once you live with freedom, you'll get used to it.

    It doesn't take that long and you'll soon not be able to go back to being controlled by someone.

    Just by gaining freedom doesn't automatically mean your inhibitions and values go away. You're still the same person lol, just with more responsibility upon yourself.

    EDIT: WHAT THE HELL IS GOD GONNA DO TO SOLVE HIS PROBLEM!??!? the only reason people consult the bible is because it promotes actions that are considered 'right' and 'just'. It is for that reason that is seen as being good for gaining life knowledge but there is nothing that religion can offer that can't be found in your own mind (through logical thought) or in a PROVEN scientific book.

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    Well my friend, I'm gonna tell you exactly what you don't wanna hear. you need professional help. That is not normal, you must be between the ages of 12 and 19??

    You are not a dog, or a toy that someone has to tell you what to do.. you have to take responsibility for anything you do, and if you dint want to do something you just don't do it. unless you could have some kind of psychological disorder, and I think you do.

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    okay i thought i would never say this but you may in fact have dependent personality disorder like me. Google it, because people with this are afraid to seek help, and usually have not had much of a chance in life to decide and choose things truly in their life. so like you said you would not know what you would do because you haven't been able to live and learn. im asking for a solution(there is no cure) to this disorder so check my question ever once in a while and you may get the help you need too. hope i helped. i don't want your 10 points, i just wanted to help out.=)

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    It does sound like you honestly and truly do have some sort of a psychological disorder . If you don't like psychs then you can talk to your doctor and they can prescribe medication that may help you.

    A lot of times disorders are situational or they are triggered by a chemical embalance in the brain

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    I would slowly ease out of being in other's control so you slowly get used to it. They can't do that for the rest of your/their life. Also, if they are really your friends, they should be able to help you by being supportive or trying to help you fix this issue.

    Good Luck!

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    Maybe you need to read the Bible and get direction from God. He will tell you what you need to do with your life and you will feel fulfilled.

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