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how did the Russia Georgia war start

i have heard 19 ways the war started i just wanted to known how it sparked i heard that georgia attack their the cut contry and killed 10 Russia peace keepers and then Russia attacked Georgia on the olimpics? is that right yes /no if no can you tell me. ps thanks

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    actually the intensity of genocide in ossetia is nothing comparing to the genocide happened in the middle east where the U.S. joined when the death toll reached to tens of thousands. in the case of georgia and russia, genocide is enough reason to wage war to another nation. while the U.S. movement is limited, and going to war will just add to the nations dept, waging war to russia is suicide and the russian's took that advantage to invade georgia which they can do easily. invading georgia will give russia additional oil. a genocide of 2000 people is pretty small reason for russia to wage war to georgia, surely there's a higher reason for the war since russia right now is invading georgia's capital. speaking of russia, they are one of the most powerful military country aside from U.S.

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    1st thing: whoever claims just one side is at fault - is a fool.

    2nd - Georgia is nothing but a pawn in the clash of the giants (West , USA vs. East, Russia)

    Russia provoked the situation because Georgia becomes largely pro-western and pro-American (particularly the president, not the people of Georgia), which is a threat to Russian growing ambitions.

    USA also provokes the situation by placing it's PRO complexes around Russia. If Georgia becomes a member of NATO that's a direct threat to Russia.

    So Russian plan was most likely to replace the current president and his government in Georgia. And you have to realize current government only came to power with American help.


    Don't want go in detail of the whole South Ossetia situation, however, the region is very diverse.There were always conflicts.

    It's very easy to spark up a conflict there, which will grow into something bigger like right now. Big boys will always use this in their big boys interests.


    Also USA is exactly the same way for all the american brainwashed vegetables.

    Situation in Kosovo / Yugoslavia in 97 is 100% replica of a current situation. Only then USA was bombing a beautiful country of Yugoslavia, killing civilians and military.

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    well you need to know the whole history which you don't know , seeing as you aske that (for the 3245678th time these two days ) . i'll just tell you about this very conflict, but if you still aren't convinced, go to the library and if you still will think that georgia would ever start a war with russia, you're a real prat, sorry. (georgia has never, in it's entire history, started a single war!!! )

    now, georgians just entered tskhinvali to protect the georgians living there. tskhinvali is said to be russian but there still are georgians living there. they were shooted for whole 4 days and then the georgians entered the region. and that was all the russians wanted to enter georgia passing through roki , and saying they were trying to protect their people they started bombing the capital of the country and other cities. seeing as you ask that question i don't think you have a full view of the situation. i have cos i'm georgian, and the one who lost friends who were trying to save ppl in the willages and cities which russians entered or bombed...just don't read russian web sites so you get the right information, that's the only country saying awful lies...

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    McCain and Obama when talkin about Georgia, Bothe were defending Democracy in this country. Unlike Afganistan and Iraq, ruled by criminal gangs and Dictators, Georgia has Legitime gvrmnt. Russia needed reason to invade Georgia because of it's ambitions to become NATO and EU member. Russia is afraid that in this case NATO will border it from the south also. S. Ossetia and Abkhazia are only reasons. on 1993 Russians made hundred of thousands of Georgians to leave their homes in this regions and become refugees in their own country. Many Georgians still live in S. Ossetia and abkhazia and Russians by shooting this Civilian Georgians provocated Georgian government which was trying to defend it's people and territory. Russia has a dream to become New world Leader and rebuild New Soviet Union!

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    The Russians started attacking Georgians first. Abkhazia and South Ossetia both have been ethnically cleansing their regions of georgians with the help of the Russians for years. Just because your Russian and refuse to admit the atrocities your country commits does not make you right. South Ossetia and Abkhazia are both part of Georgia and all the traitors should be round up and shot.

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    Georgia started this war probably with Washington's backing. It's about oil again. Georgia and Ossetia are major pipeline transit spots that supply Europe. What I find interesting is that there is barely a mention that Israel has been training the Georgian military and supplying them with weapons. Also there are 1500 US troops / military advisers currently in Georgia. The US just finished conducting a war game with Georgia just prior to their invasion of South Ossetia. Russia is not going to take anyone nonsense anymore with Putin in charge. I think the US wanted to see how far they could push things to gauge the Russian response. Well they saw that the Russians will push back if they are shoved. Georgia should had let South Ossetia go - they don't want to be part of Georgia but Georgia doesn't want to lose any control of the pipelines. There a lot more moving parts to this thing than the US press is talking about. As for US political bumblers McCain and Obama - they are clueless. McCain talks tough like a war monger and Obama talks stop the aggression against the defender. God help us with these kinds of political idiots leading this nation.

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    From the very beginning:

    In early 90th when USSR collapsed, Georgia has become an independent state within administrative borders of former Georgian republic of USSR.

    First president of Georgia was quite a stubborn nationalist, try to google for "Zviad Gamsakhurdia" . He tried to enforce dominance of georgian nation (language, culture et.c.), minorities have gone rebel. Three regions have declared independence: Adjaria, Abkhaz, and Southern Osetia.

    Adjaria was later subjugated by force, but other two have managed to win war theyr wars for independence. There were savage atrocities, both done by georgians and by rebels.

    This explains why Osetia and Abkhaz did they best to stay independent, as all georgian leaders (Schevarnadze and now Saakashvili) were eager to 'reintegrate' lands. Reintegrating people

    seems impossible due to degree of hatred between them.

    Combined russian-georgian peace keepers were stationed in the areas, according to peace treaties.

    Modern Georgia is a tiny republic with $1billion military budget, in order to modernize armed force to join NATO, off course. btw according NATO membership rules, state must settle any territorial claims before joining. So there are to options:

    1) Abandon hope of ever regaining rebel provinces.

    2) Do this ASAP, before december (Georgia wants MAP for NATO on december summit).

    So Georgia was way too powerful for Osetians. They tried to do it, and do it quick on 08.07 - 08.08 night. Numerous civilians died due to shelling of Tshinvali. Some russian peace keepers were killed too.

    Russia has performed air strikes against advancing georgain armour, and rallied its troops. However it took 16 hours to march the distance, this doesn't fit well with 'they were stationed near borders for weeks'. When russians arrived it was almost too late.

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    It depends on who's side of the story you want. Russia accuses Georgia of attacking them but Georgia says it was only trying to keep contested land that was rightfully theirs. Two different stories.

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    Youtube thumbnail


    Youtube thumbnail


    here is ''rough'' online translation from russian comment-

    assails В М М ЕЮТ, on time-two-rub it is possible to prove, that war is not necessary to Russia:

    1. In Russia all is fine with economy. In America practically a default. Their duty of 9 000 000 000 000 dollars. Because of war at all of us the markets have fallen, and at them-surprising in the image!-grow for the first time for 2 months.

    2. In Georgia there are no resources necessary for Russia. Even from the point of view of geoposition Crimea is much more convenient. Why we do not go it to grasp?:)

    3. Medvedev was in holiday, Putin on Olympiad. If we planned war, they would be in Moscow

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    lets face the truth, i guess not so much civil people in whole world wanted this war, even georgians and russians (dont wanna say anything about ossetians) did not and do not now. And only lil mind-f*cked scumbag named saakashvili, who think that he can do everything he wants to do get started this war. And most of you and maybe me know nothing about both of these countries, about its history, culture. But taking an active part in discussion about this war, in fact knowing nothing about all of this...

    we want to live in love united

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