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Teachers picking favorite students

Why do they?????? I dont mean like favorite as smart and stuff but like they pay more attention to the "popular" kids other than the regular kids..... It gets on my nerves when they do that.... Cuz like not everybody knows how to be popular...


Where I go to school if your nice you get bullied... Or picked on... So you gotta be careful...

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    I know it can be annoying and really seem like favorite thing. But just hear me out:

    I really don't think it's a 'favorite' thing, it's just a 'personality' similarity thing. Most teachers, well, many of us, are outgoing. We have to be to some degree to be able to teach and get up in front of all those students, and the popular kids tend to be that way too. Here's what I mean.

    Hmmm, perhaps it seems that way because the generally more "popular" kids assert themselves more in class and are generally more outgoing and will answer questions or whatever (not always of course). Whatever personality types draw other students to those types of kids are the same personality types that draw teachers to those types of kids also, but I can assure you it isn't meant to be personal against anyone else. We're just human.

    I am like you though, not everyone knows how to be popular. I always tried to be equally nice to everyone, but at the end of the period it was always the popular kids who would come hang out at my desk or whatever. I think it is just because in general they are more outgoing. As long as you feel you are being graded fairly and treated equally don't worry too much about it. But if you are concerned, assert yourself in class too. Answer more questions or get invovled more, or if people in your school are particularly rude (sounds like they might be from your question), you can talk to one of your teachers about how to get noticed more.

    I think you are an observant student and that is great, you have already made a big step towards making your school more enjoyable for yourself. Don't give up, I promise we aren't really trying to hurt anyone, sometimes we just don't know. Like you, we tend to be friendly to the ones who are friendly to us, but we aren't trying to be UNfriendly to the more quiet students. I always just thought the quieter ones wanted their personal space and I tried to respect that.

    Keep your chin up and do some 'research' on it. :) Talk to a teacher about it, see what she says. :)

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    I work really hard at not picking favorite students openly, but I'm sure my students would say otherwise. There are some kids who interact better with adults, or that have a great attitude, or that react favorably to my class, or that I can see a little of myself from teenage years in, or that I think I would be friends with if we were in the same generation. Any of those students could end up being my favorite, just because I enjoy them. I don't always interact well with the smartest kids in class, often it's a student that approaches the work with enthusiasm or is determined to get it even if it doesn't come naturally that catches my attention. Perhaps the teacher sees an ally in you - are there students you could help engage that the teacher might otherwise not reach? Do a little more talking with him, it could be that he just thinks you're a great kid, and you might find him interesting as well.

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    I don't think that most teachers care about that. I usually 'pick' students who are paying attention and you look like they want to learn. If this is the popular kids, then "Oh, well". I am there to teach and not to referee popularity contests. If you want to be picked more, then do your homework and look like you want to be there and stop whining about not getting picked.

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    I never saw teachers pay more attention to the popular kids. If anything, they didn't much like the kids who were too focused on their social lives.

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    yea thats kinda true, I've noticed that

    But usually its because the "popular kids" are talkative and always talking to the teacher or thier reli bad so they get alot of attention or thier charming and the teacher takes likes them more.

    After a while the "normal kids" start to blend in with the back ground to them.

    BUttt dont let that bother you!

    Who cares who a teacher takes notice of?? As long as you think your getting the grade u deserve, who cares???

    Your self worth is not determined by who takes notice of u.

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    I always have a few kids each year that I tend to gravitate towards.

    It is natural to get more attached to one person more than another.

    And I tend to like different kids at different times of the year - but I do everything I can to avoid it being obvious.

    I actually do not like the "popular" kids, because they tend to be snobby.

    I am sorry you are having a problem, but believe me being popular has a lot of drawbacks too!!!!

    Good luck!!!!

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    Well, there are teachers that are like that, who picks their faves just because they are popular :P. But don't let them keep you down! If you outshine them and everybody else in fact, academically, there's no way that the teachers wouldn't be able to pay the same attention, if not more, to you! :)

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    i dont know but it's annoying isn't it.

    i was i guess a popular kid i have alot of friends.

    i was not a teacher favorite in fact i was hated by most of my teachers i was the loud and annoying student who backchat.

    i was never bullied because people were scared of me lol.

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    yeah i sometimes hate that. i keep getting picked on it starts to get annoying. lol its like "bitchh! im not the only person in the class!" =]

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    yeah, it sucks when teachers do that, and don't be mean to avoid being bullied. it would be great if you could help me outhttp://answers.yahoo.com/question/index;_ylt=AgrZF...

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