Dating a guy who's bipolar and has autism?

I found out that the guy I'm dating has autism, ADHD, ADD and is bipolar. He's a real nice guy and I don't want to hurt or annoy him by saying or doing something that could set him off. Any tip on how to deal?

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    Sounds like me, I may be differently minded but my biggest problems have been first understanding myself and extremities of my moods, next acceptance of myself, who I am and realization that my symptoms are in fact a part of who I am.

    We do and can lead normal lives, I am a mother, worked for around 25 years full time plus... and to be honest until diagnosed recently myself with aspergers last year, muddled my way through life - lost.

    So in answer to your question as with any difference, it's not or should no be about the label - no one need know, it's about true identity. And as with any relationship good communication and working through things together, we have strengths as well as weaknesses like everyone else. We are all also unique individuals on or off the autism spectrum - no 2 people are alike, your know if he is right for you... maybe he deserves a chance as much as any one else.

    Autism often has associated conditions bipolar, ADHD being a few of mine... this should help explain alittle more...

    Diversity of Autism:

    Also written a few threads on my forum in regards to bipolar / autism the links, we all seem to have moods, anxiety.. but this also has a lot of do with the negativity of who we are and ignorance of others, that is changing slowing.

    Sorry need to login, but free:

    Bipolar (plus short Quiz), mood swings, anixiety, rage! and

    Mood swings (Bipolar, depression etc..) links to Autism!

    Hopes this all helps a little as knowledge and understanding really is the key for us all, maybe he is meant to be apart of your journey in life, take care

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    You should read the joys and sorrows of adult autism written by Big Bertha of Berryville Arkansas.Its online.She is married to an autistic man.I think your boyfreind has alot of problems and if you have to worry about setting him off you should break it off.Thats no way to live.Its not hopeless though.Every one is diffrent,

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