Why are Beyonce and Halle Berry the only example used when showing beautiful black women?

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German is obviously an idiot! You don't have to look white to be beautiful, Rosie O'donnell and Joan Rivers are white and very unattractive.

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duh I'm African I know that their are beautiful AFRICAN women. Most people would know who any of the African women I name are since this is America.

Update 4:

Nigerian Actress Genevieve Nnaji:

Most Americans wouldn't know who she ^^ is.

Update 6:

Oluchi Onweagba is a flawless I wish I looked like her:

Update 7:

Halle Berry and Beyonce are beautiful but they used too much and other women are not getting enough attention.

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    It is all about European preconceptions of what constitutes beauty. A number of black people have been brainwashed into believing that white is right and black is whack. When whiteness is made the norm and what is considered beautiful must attain to the norm, then you have a situation where most black women are disqualified as good looking. On the other hand, we have women like Naomi Campbell and she is gorgeous by almost any standard, but she is considered "exotic" by the European male. Exoticism is not always a good thing as Africana existentialism has demonstrated. But while Campbell looks good on the outside, her personality stinks.

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    Because Halle and Beyonce are at the Top of they're class. No sista has ever been able to sing loud & clear without missing a note or gasping for air and dancing at 100% capacity like Beyonce since Tina Turner! I give Cierra "Large Ups" but she cant hold Beyonce's tampon pack, not yet anyway.

    And Halle, same thing goes. Halle plays "ALL" the roles you hear me? From dusty crack head in "New Jack City" to cute nerdy girl in "Boomerang", ghetto chick in "Woo" the regal "Dorothy Dandridge" and my favorite Storm of the "X-men" But I think that Ms. Union would have played a better Storm. She's taller and looks the part way better than Halle ever could. But Gabrielle is the "tihs" no doubt, she will have her time. Sanaa is dope but needs to be more consistent and stop playing the same kind of roles in every film she is in and stop being to the "Yearly Black Film" list. And you know deep down Samira that Ms. Keys did a hella job in "Smokin Ace's" Red-Bone" or not! (smile!)

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    Why do you even listen to a stupid and biased product like the media ? Whom exactly crowned the media as king ? Is the media the ones whom makes the standard ? Not getting enough attention from that creature ? Look I'm African too and ever since I stepped into the West I am sick and I mean tired of colorism ... every single side disgusts me ... I don't like it when people forget women whom are dark brown but I hate it as well when people objectify women of my complexion ( caramel brown ) and call us " light skinned bitches " or put all of the attention on dark ones ... I mean what the hell did I do ? Why can't everybody be beautiful ? No matter the complexion ? Dammit ... sometimes I wished that we could all switch around and walk in other people's shoes so we could all understand that we are all beautiful whether we are Caucasian , Latin , Native American , Asian or African

    Why the disdain on blonde women ? How do you think that they feel ? I have seen blonde women and their despair sometimes ... all the negativity ... the blonde jokes ... how rude ... and redheads sometimes stereotyped as crazy ... Asian women seen as sex objects or the most arrogant due to their desirability ... Indian women and their noses ... and much more as well

    Stereotypes hurts us all and they have got to go ... forget the media ... let us all live in reality and in peace with one another ... I know that I sound a bit harsh but as I said I am sick and I mean sick and tired of this issue ... I wish that this just didn't exist

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    I think Union and Long are the prettiest out of those women.To be honest though, I don't think they are always making new movies or posing in mags all the time. I don't even know if they have won any awards.If they work on a tv series than only ppl who watch that series would know who they are.Halle Berry doesn't make movies all the time but she won an oscar and has been around for a really long time.Alicia and Beyonce both have work that speak for itself and have won many grammys as does Mariah Carey who is biracial as well. I don't think that Beyonce, Alicia and Halle are getting undeserved attention at all. If Union put herself out there more often I think she would get more attention.

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    I think it is easy for them to just put those two women because they are popular at the moment. You have to remember that whites control the media and they are not going to go search for beautiful black people to comment about they are going to put the ones that they believe whites want to see. That is why diversity is so important in all aspect of society. There has tobe a balancing act. Many times I do not believe it is about race but I do believe people are always trying to be politically correct and in doing so lose the message completely. Some of the most beautiful black women are never even given a chance in hollywood because directors etc believe people do not want to see those people. It is a shame.

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    Basically because that is the majorities standard of beauty, and not many of us dark women meet that standard. That Nigerian actress is gorgeous, and you are right, I don't know who she is. I wonder why Hollywood hasn't picked up on this person.

    Stacy Dash is timeless. She is 4 years older than me, and I'm 38. She looks so young. I can see her finally looking 30 when she is about 60 or 70, lol.

    Oluchi IS flawless, she also has Naomi's eyes, lol. Don't you think?

    Source(s): Edit - @ Imfknexplicit They are beautiful, but not that beautiful to make me give up the high, hard one lol. I also think Grace Jones is gorgeous, with flawless skin: high school photo:,_Grace/galler... I know she is a bit on the wild side, but i think she is fabulous.
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    It's probably because they're so widely known by the general public. I totally agree with you though, all the women you've shown are very, very beautiful.

    I find it so ignorant when people say that they don't find a particular race attractive, or that people of any particular race all look the same. I have never had a problem telling anybody apart from someone of the same race (with the exception of two identical twins, but that's obviously different).

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    Archive Photographs of Ebony, Jet, and Sepia Magazines show something worthy of note. There are numerous examples beautiful women of color with a matrix of skin tone.

    Also check below for reference:

    Josephine Baker

    Cicely Tyson

    Diahann Carroll

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    I think Jessica White is gorgeous! If I have a style idol it's her. She beats Beyonce out hands down any day as far as beauty goes, but a lot of people don't even know her name. Lauryn Hill is another drop dead gorgeous woman who rarely gets called such in American media. I agree that it would be nice to see different types of black women represented in media. As far as Caucasian women go you see it all. Blonde, brunette, dark and exotic, all-American, but you really only see one type of looking black woman represented. I hope that one day that changes.

    EDIT: To "Clyde." I have not seen anything that says that Jessica White is mixed black and Mexican. And your other statements are only showing that these women are "mixed" in the sense that nearly all black Americans are. Most of us do have white, Native American, and sometimes Latino heritage mixed in with our African roots. I do, but I'm not "mixed."

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    This is not true. Give people some credit, those top celebrities are pretty of course, yet overrated. Like saying that Angelina Jolie is the most beautiful woman ever. Who doesn't know such iconic black women as Iman, Beverly Johnson, Naomi Campbell?

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