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Making a click to enlarge image button? HTML!?

I have a bunch of pictures on a webpage and I need to make it that when you click on a picture, a pop-up comes up and shows the image in a bigger size.

Also, on that pop-up window, I need to display most of the other images on that webpage (thumbnail size) and when you click on them, the big image changes to that image. HELP? Thanks, looking for best answer!

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    Those are "lightbox" effect, and it is done using Javascript.

    You can learn more about it here.

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    ok we could initiate from the beginning up ... basically the hardcore nonetheless build web content using html code. all the favored courses are using a GUI gadget. The thumbnails are meant to be related to a bigger report (presized) at some form of listed area. to this point as with the flexibility to pull a curser over a thumbnail and having it extend, examine with Dr. Sam ... he's a wizard at that form of element.

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    You need to use javascript for that.

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