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Help! My dog keeps chewing on everything

I have a 10 month old Alaskan Malamute, I already had to bring her to an emergency vet twice within a couple months because she keeps chewing and eating stuff, like socks, wood, paper etc etc. Thank god she never needed surgery. I tried using the spray stuff thats supposed to make them stop chewing but it doesn't work. She throws up almost 4 times a week at least. I'm afraid of her eating something and getting stuck in her digestiveve tract. She has toys and rawhide to chew on, but loves everything else. Anyone know of any good ways to get a dog to stop chewing and eating stuff that can harm them?

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    Have you tried the hot pepper spray or the bitter/sour apple. Pepper flakes also may work. I have a Sib and have to spray kleenex with the sprays and them leave them as "bait' she thinks she's getting something sneaky but then when its in her mouth she realizes its bad. Also just keep things out of reach, at 10 months your Mal is still a baby, and babies seem to put everything in their mouths. Good luck!!


    Mine still thinks stealing socks is the best thing ever. She's not quite 2.

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    I used this method to get my ferrets to stop chewing on things but it also works for dogs i have used it with my doberman.They have a sour apple spray at the pet store near the small animal section like (ferrets )it is like 7 dollars s bottle but if you spray that on the things you do not want the dog to chew up then they will stop chewing

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    i would freeze a bagel for a couple of days and then give her that to chew on. maybe put some peanut butter in a kong toy. or if that doesn't work keep everything out of her reach.

    hope it works and good luck!

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