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My Grand-son now lives in Houston

My little grand-son of English stock, now lives in Texas, like all grandsons he is a bit of a tearaway, but has recently taken up, DJing. He is on as DJ Carter. Have you listened to this station. Considering he has lived in US just a few years He has a distinctive american accent, and I cannot understand him any more, Is this a true accent, for such a short time?


William K. This is not SPAM. The question is genuine. The MINI radio stn has only 60 teenage members, so back off. report the rubbish leave the intelligent alone

Update 2:

The base of my question related to "Adopted " accents, in a short time., and since he has only been in Texas 2yrs, I can' understand him when I tune in to the link

Update 3:

The boy is English.

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    I would say that it is possible. Here in the South we have strong accents whether or not we want to admit that. I am from Louisiana and stayed in GA a few months working(about4) and then just visited here and there. Everyone thought that I was from there when I moved here to TX. I never tried to change, I just picked up stuff from other people. Some people are more country (for lack of a better word) than other's but in reality we all have some of the same language. Anyway, I would say it is possible for his accent to change no matter where he is from.

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    Losing (or gaining) an accent takes longer than "just a few years" without great effort.

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    I don't know why, but my suspicious mind believes this to be spam meant to drive others to a web site. I hope that this site does not download MALWARE onto other's machines.

    This one gets reported.

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