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Need info on low crime location in dallas texas.

I just moved to the dallas texas area 1 week ago and only recently found out that the area I live in is a very high crime area. This was confirmed by the dallas police. Can anyone suggest low crime risk area in Texas, not necessarily in Dallas, maybe a quiet neighborhood. Thanks

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    Well, Dallas is a big city, so you have to follow "big city rules." I've lived in some "high crime" areas, and I was never a victim, because I take precautions.

    Depending on what your budget is, and whether you're look to buy or rent, some of these neighborhoods can be pretty pricey, but here ya go:


    Highland Park

    University Park

    White Rock (City of Dallas, east)

    Kessler Park (in North Oak Cliff, City of Dallas)


    Lakewood (City of Dallas, east-ish...)

    Lake Highlands (City of Dallas, north and northeast)

    Richardson (north of Dallas)

    Plano (north of Richardson)

    Frisco (moving farther north...)

    Allen (north)

    McKinney (north)

    Lewisville (north)

    Denton (north; college town)

    You probably want to stay away from South Oak Cliff, most of East Dallas, Pleasant Grove, most of Garland. Some areas with possibility are Mesquite, Duncanville, DeSoto...and Dallas proper. These areas all have "pockets" of nice neighborhoods, and you really would have to investigate the areas yourself to see if they meet your needs. Good Luck! :-)

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    Pretty much anything outside of Dallas is lower crime... Addison is nice, my brother in law lives up there (and my husband and I live in Arlington). So I would try one of the suburbs that are around the city depending on which part of Dallas you need to live. Plano is pretty nice too. I am partial to Arlington but that might be quite a commute depending on where you work. But the midcities and the north of Dallas cities are all quite nice and have lower crime rates.

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    You really don't have a whole lot to worry about, unless you're living in South Dallas.

    Richardson is just north of Dallas, they have quiet neighborhoods, good schools, you're far enough away to avoid the crime, close enough to enjoy all the big city has to offer.

    Source(s): Native Texan - lived in Dallas 14 yrs
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    Honestly, the whole Dallas area isn't very safe.

    Go to and you can get the crime report for certain areas emailed to you every day. it's pretty nice to know whats going on and what streets to never go on!

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    Wow!! That's great you are moving here!! Dallas, is in the tip of the tornado areas, so many times we get tornado warnings. But, in my life here i have never seen a tornado, we mostly just get the leftover storms that are windy, and really strong and sudden. BTW The JOnas Brothers have a home here!! And, right now they are rehearsing for there tour in the American Airlines center!!

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    lakewood, lake highlands, hollywood heights, highland park

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