How do I make a screenshot? Prt Scr doesn't work... Need Help...

OK, I need to take a screenshot. I know that you're supposed to press Prt Scr, well that's what people tell me. It doesn't work when I do.

I've tried shift-Prt Scr and just Prt Scr, and nothing happens...

What should I do?

Thanks in advance.

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  • 1 decade ago
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    What program are you running? Some have a specific key for saving a screen cap or printing it, but most programs don't have that included. You need a separate program to make a screen capture and then print that out with your print utility. There are several programs to do that, see the links below.

  • 4 years ago

    in case you desire to take screenshots in domicile windows 7 it comes with little software stated as Snipping gadget, that could be discovered in the beginning up Menu/All courses/upload-ons. you could take a screenshot of the finished exhibit, a window or basically a sort of the exhibit, which you elect. In domicile windows 7, you additionally can take a screenshot by way of pressing Alt, Print exhibit. you need to hold down alt once you press print exhibit. i think of that's far less complicated to take a screenshot than the snipping gadget in case you desire the finished exhibit. Or use this gadget- To seize a snip, do here: a million. Open Snipping gadget by way of clicking the beginning up button photograph of the beginning up button. in the hunt container, type Snipping gadget, and then, in the checklist of consequences, click Snipping gadget. 2. click the arrow next to the recent button, elect unfastened-type Snip, oblong Snip, Window Snip, or finished-exhibit Snip from the checklist, and then elect the portion of your exhibit which you relatively desire to seize. The captured portion of the exhibit seems in the mark-up window, the place you could write or draw on it, keep it, and deliver it to somebody in e?mail

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