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What kind of spider is this? (picture)

I live in a Redwood forest in Northern California, and found this in my bathroom today. We caught it and released it outside, but were just curious to know what it was?

size in relation to a thumb..


picture outside


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    the images at the instantaneous are not sparkling sufficient to inform, yet when it really is a brown recluse, on the decrease back component to his body is a ideal image of a violin, with the tuning keys in direction of the top. I hate spiders too, and realized from Googling "spider repellant", a thanks to keep them away. the customary insecticides gained't kill them because of a waxy or oily overlaying on their bodies that the insecticide can not penetrate. yet they don't love cleansing soap! I blended some Ajax dish cleansing soap in a gallon of water and poured that in and on my mailbox, and performance no extra spiders contained in the mailbox by using the line. also suggested 4 or 5 wolf spiders entering the storage one nighttime, and poured that mixture in the course of the front: no extra spiders entering the storage!. would not take a lot liquid cleansing soap, both.

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    That I think is a Trapdoor Spider.

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