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mollie help. (fish)

One male two females?

How many little fish would they make a month?

I'd have a tank like this.

I also need some information on mollies.

ive never had them before.

pictures of different kinds are also helpful.

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    Mollies can be freshwater, brackish water but do best in full salt which is where mine are housed. If adding salt to a molly's tank it should be marine salt not aquarium or rock salt. The minerals needed by mollies cannot and does not come from regular aquarium salt. This is simply sodium chloride and DOES not contain minerals need bymollies. , They are the second most misunderstood aquarium fish next to the goldfish. Blacks, pot bellied, Sailfins, swordtail sailfin shortfins, dalmation, balloon, liberty's, pink cave, and a few more.

    All of which sold in stores are actually hybreds. Mollies are very tolorant of high nitrites which makes them great cycle fish as well as first fish for younger aquarists.

    Always one male to every 3 females.

    With what you have it is impossiable to say how many little ones you will have each month since mollies can have from one to over 100 fry at one time. Also, they do not always give birth every 28 days. Some with "fuller" loads can and do deliver once every 2 months. My female has roughly 42 every 72-75 days. They are all different The norm is usually 12 every 28-30 days based on that that would be 24 fry in a months time. They are all different.

    There are a number of different kinds yet all able to interbreed.

    Mollies are great fish to learn about and watch.

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    If the only concern ideal it rather is overfeeding, s/he might desire to be ok. the situation is he may well be constipated (specific, it could happen to a fish!). if it is going to consume, attempt feeding it a tiny piece of a cooked eco-friendly pea for some fiber, and immediately it something of the day. And contained quicker or later, in simple terms feed what the fish can consume in 2-3 minutes 2 circumstances an afternoon. If what you have been feeding is flake nutrition, there's a great gamble it ingested some air besides. this may well be what's inflicting it to teach over. If there replace into any better nutrition left contained interior the tank it may well be bumped off or it could foul the water.

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    mollies breed like anything they are as bad as guppy's but ts hard to prodict how many you will get in a month depending on if the male preg them both or one or any in that fact but they can have lots of baby's my last mollie gave birth to like 20 baby but not all of them will make it some will be eaten and soo on

    i aint got no pics but googel it they come up you can get pure black gold and white i have seen and marble (white with black patches)

    hope it helps

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