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chiang mai nightlife? bars etc - full of backpackers? i am one travelling solo and want to pick up/have s*x

hi all just wondering what the nightlife is like in chiang mai (northern thailand)

i am a solo male traveller going to be there around new years eve (december 31) and basically wondering if its a backpacker area or more one for a relaxing holiday with a loved one (which i dont have)

also are there many bars around there that play western kind of music (i am thinking bryan adams 'summer of 69' good clean fun kind of music) as opposed to thai music

thanks very much if u can help me out and i hope to hear from you soon

love rooster


thanks but what is with the excessive safety warning? is it an exceptionally unsafe place?

and unfortunately i will be solo (unless i meet people in bangkok en route to go with me) as i have noone else to go with - is there not much to do there for a single person or something?

and yeah i always wear condoms; got genital warts once before lol so learnt my lesson there..never again

thanks all

Update 2:

no i am not into trannies

and heaps of poeple love summer of 69 everyone sings along to it when theyre drunk its great fun

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    Yes it has all that. Don't think you will have any problems with your ahhhh requirements....

    Hope you do some exploring of the country as well... as it is beautiful there....

    Just remember - wear condoms - and you will have a blast...

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    Chiang Mai Backpackers

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    Its been on the old backpackers trail so long that you won't be alone for long unless you have a particularly disturbing personality. That's the thing with the trail. A zillion people on it at any time, all looking to meet other backpackers; so you are never alone. Hook up with others in your hostel and just go out. If you are going 5 star, you probably won't meet anyone. Thai people love western music as well you know. They are the on same planet, influenced by the same things we are. They just have their own music as well. Don't know about Bryan Adams. Do people actually listen to that? More likely to get dance music. Heaps of us travel solo in Souh East Asia. Its no big deal. As I said, you don't have to be alone all the time if you don't want to unless you're odious.

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    New Year is a big thing in Thailand since they don't have many holidays at the best of time, you have no trouble picking up a lady whether she is free or not is another matter.

    Khao San Road is the best place to hook-up with some one for back packers in Chaing Mai itself the is a night market with loads of music etc so don't worry I am sure you won't be alone for too long.

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    I have been to Chiang Mai once but to get to the Night market I passed through a section of bars that cater to Westerners similar to Pattaya. It's called the pink light district because its a bit slower than a red light area like Pattaya.

    It is near Khochasan Rd between Sri Donchai and Loi Khro Rd. I was staying at the Imperial Mai Ping. There are many backpacker hotels/hostels just across the moat/canal (inside the gate) from there. I'm sure if you bring a copy of 'Summer of 69' they'll play it for you.

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    Not much nightlife up in Chang Mai. You'll find a few bars/pubs, but the scene is nothing compared to Bangkok.

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    There will be thousands of gorgeous looking trannies willing to fullfill your requirements (pre and post operation). Seriously. Hope you are very knowledgable in the art of safe sex. Most other people there are not going to share your taste in music (locals and foreigners alike). You will find backpackers and couples as well. Have fun!

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    It's a beautiful place but I don't recommend you travel alone. Don't use or carry any drugs...if caught it is a death sentence. You won't have any problems finding chicks but use a condom. VD is still quite rampant there. Be careful NOT to flash cash nor carry too much with you. If given a choice, Singapore would be my recommendation. Or Malaysia. You will hear plenty of "Western" music.

    Have a good time...have a safe trip...and be careful.

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