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Nvidia Vs ATI? HD4850 VS 9800GTX?

I am planning on getting a new GPU. My current graphics card is starting too struggle to play some games such as crysis, gears of war and halo 2 pc. So i came across 2 cards, the ATI 4850 or the Nvidia 9800gtx. My friend says that AT I is crap because the failure rate is a bit high. He says ATI boasts about the big numbers but they never tell you what had to sacrafice to get those specs. He says Nvidia has a good quality base and failure rate isnt very high, that is why ATI is usually cheaper. Is this true? what GPU should i get?

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    ok, after reading some of the answers, i've gotten the feeling that people like talking from their asses, and that they really just identify Nvidia as being better and ATI as the other company. THIS IS NOT TRUE FFS!

    Ati has been trailing nvidia for4 about a year or 2 now, thats a fact, the reason being, the AMD merger, but this in actual fact helped out ati...

    The new ATI chips are More efficient, have better Video features and are, in fact faster at their price...

    The ATI HD4850 is faster then the Nvdia 9800gtx, with the exception of crysis(i'm talk about that now), no one can tell you other wise. They also use less power, and have a single slot cool(which runs hot, but with a minor adjustment with the settings in Catalyst Control center, you can avoid the heat)

    These new ATI's are using new architecture and they are much faster as a result. They have 800 stream procesors, but these are weaker then the Nvidia's one, in fact 5 times weaker, so in comparasion, there's 160 strong stream processor(thats more then the Nvidia's 9800gtx which has 128)

    As I said earlier, the 9800gtx does perform faster in crysis, why? well Nvidia has done a little bit of a short cut. They sacrificed the image quality for FPS, while ati still retain their ideology of keeping amazing image quality, no matter the cost. This is why the ATI cards don't perform as well, BUT your colours, and most other things look better.

    In my opinion, i think that the HD4850 is better then the 9800gtx and even the 9800gtx+

    the reason being that price! While the 4850 is around $200 maybe less now, the 9800gtx is that same price and offers less performance, less video features and more power consumption. while the 9800gtx+ is devouring power by the KW, and is more pricey (all it is, is an overclocked 9800gtx just to try and beat the 4850)

    this new generation of ATI graphics cards really shocked Nvidia, who thought that ATI would never be able to catch up. The ATI's are just as reliable, but run a lil hot(nothing a CCC mod won't fix, and there's hunderds of sites telling you how to make the fan run faster)

    Yes, ATI might boast 800 spe's which are only equal to 160 of the nivdia cards, but thats still 800 which can do many more things then 160 strong ones, and the 800 spe's are in fact easier to code for and easier to make.

    As for the person who said something about nvidia logo's in most games, well, Nvidia pays games to put those their. they also try get game dev's to make games using Nvidia hardware (sponsored hardware).

    ATI is the better choice, and crossfire 2 of the hd4850's and it's faster then a GTX280!!!

    Source(s): I build pc's for a living, and I get a lot of people that have the wrong idea of ATI, so here's my rant!!!
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    ATI is not crap, and its cheaper because most people think nVidia is better, so you have to pay for the brand name. But that is not always the case. ATI has been very sucky like 1.5 years ago, but they have caughten up very recently, with their release of the powerful 4870 X2. I'm with ATI but thats just me. Anyways, back to your question. I say the 4850 is faster because if you compare the memory bandwith, the 9800GTX is 70.4GB per second, facing the 4850s 147GB per second. The 9800GTX does have a 50MHz higher core clock, and a 14MHz higher memory clock, but notice that the 4850 has 800 stream processors, owning the 9800GTXs 128. You can look at benchmarks but it is very rare you see 2 of them the same, they either lean towards nVidia or ATI. In conclusion, the difference really is not that much, they are both great cards, and there will only be around a 4-5 FPS difference in most games.

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    Well, you can safely lay to rest what your friend says.

    Firstly, no one knows what the failure rate of these parts are (that info is not released by either ATI or Nvidia), but they are probably similar to each other (and it is Nvidia who are, in fact, fighting off rumours of high failure rates, see , , ).

    Secondly, there isn't anything being sacrificed for the big numbers; the new rv770 chips in the HD 4850 and 4870 are just really well engineered, and that's why they perform so well. Yes, they really are that good.

    Thirdly, ATI is cheaper because the 4850 is a cheaper chip to produce, and Nvidia likes to gouge it's loyal following whenever it can (GTX 280 was a mind boggling $650 on release, the 9800GTX was going for ~$300 before the 4850's were released--that price drop to $200 should tell you all you need to know about the 4850's performance). ATI wants to regain market share now with their new products, so they've aggressively priced them (a little something called competition ;)).

    Now that that is out of the way...

    The 4850 and 9800GTX actually perform very closely with each other, but the 4850 pulls ahead once you start applying anti-aliasing (it's very good at doing AA). The 4850 has some other advantages; is a bit more advanced ( directX 10.1 support), uses only one PCIe 6 pin power connector (the 9800GTX uses 2), and outputs 7.1 sound over HDMI for Blu-Ray playback. Its performance will also no doubt get better over time as drivers mature (it's a brand new chip design). You can read more about it in the TechReport review here

    And to top it all off, it can usually be found for cheaper as well ($150ish isn't uncommon if you shop around). I recommend getting the Visiontek of Gigabyte models (for more on ATIs brand partners, read here ) . I certainly wouldn't pay more for a 9800GTX (there's no real performance advantage). The 9800GTX does run cooler and has a dual slot cooling solution though, if that's important to you.

    Really though, you'll be happy with either of these cards as they do perform quite similarly to each other. Just make sure you have a power supply that can power them :)

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    I think u use Ati HD4800 is more beter than 9800GTX or GTX+

    for temp of 4800 series u must increase speed fan manualy and u can overclock prfectly with pushing Vcore on gpu

    my 4850 worked prfectli at 800mhz with gpu and 1300mhz with mem and temps on the load maximum main on 67C

    u can crossfire 4850 with 550W PSU and beat GTX 280

    dont forget 9800GTX has 128 shaderprocesor and 4850HD 800((160)) shaderprocecor , i use 4850 in hard overclocked situation 24/7 in many games like cryssis with veryhigh quality DX10 and 1440*900 whituot problem ,

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    Everyone says that NVidia is better, but I've been building major computer systems for 10 years and ATI consistently gives the best performance. It's always the NVida graphics that are buggy. Plus ATI has more Stream Processors and they are way cheaper. Get ATI especially if you are going to do Dual Monitors! AMD bought them out and they have recently surpassed NVidia in my opinion. It's just like when Intel re-surpassed AMD when they came out with Core 2 Duo. AMD was pulling ahead, but got slapped back down.

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    Ati was a failure but not Ati was bought by AMD and is during great. Ati is cuaght up to nvidia now.

    They 9800GTX is faster but more expensive

    ati 4850 is nice too , try looking at the ati 4870 or wait tell august 12 when ATi release 4870 X2 dual core.

    Here a benchmark page

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    Yes that is so true. I would recommend the all new 9800 gtx plus from nvidia. This new version of the 9800 gtx comes with physix and cuda technology.This card packs on a beasty 128 stream processors and a physix so all that explosions could come to life. Oh and if you into video rendering cuda technology can give you a kick out of your endeavors. I got two nvidia 9800 gtx black edition on my machine and i am playing crysis on very high with 2x antialising. And i am getting about 35 fps. My third card would probably be a 9800 gtx plus so i can get more out of it with physix hope this helps.

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    Nvidia has a BIG boost because of its SLI capability which allows you to link two Geforce 9800 GT2s together and kick all ***.... Also in my personal opinion I think it runs games a lot cleaner and more good games are made for Nvidia in mind. Drivers seem to be a bit more universal and SLI just kicks butt. I had both in my computer and I am now using 2 x Geforce 8800 GTXs and I LOVE them way more than my ATI....

    But for the most part, you wont notice a difference without SLI but if you add in the second video card you will NEVER return.

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    Right the best choice is the 9800GTX+ which has just been released lowest price ive found is £130 yes the ati are really good but the new 9800gtx + just pulls ahead of the 4850 sadly :( so yeah go for the 9800gtx+ its colder faster and has headroom for overclocking!

    Source(s): my brainage
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    The 4850 is slightly better than the 9800GTX and slightly worse than the 9800GTX+. They are both much, much better than an 8600GT.

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